Philips Reaura Laser Skin Rejuvenation Sessions 4 and 5

It was a while since I did session three and if I am being totally honest with you it’s because I don’t really enjoy this at all.  This skin laser is, if you will, the facial equivalent of going to the gym, not nice but necessary if you want results. 

Since the third session my skin has been super duper dry as expected, I apply facial oil straight before foundation and it doesn’t go on greasy because my skin has already absorbed the oil, now THAT is dry!  I have been using Douvall’s Argan Oil Moisturiser which I only just realised is Douvall as in ALICIA Douvall, former glamour model!  Bit of an odd mixture but hey, it’s a fab product so I am certainly not knocking her!  She has collaborated with her 16-year-old daughter to create the new organic beauty multi-tasker which can be used to hydrate the skin, condition the hair, soothe problem skin and nourish the cuticles and I think it’s great for my dry and flaky skin especially as it isn’t being helped by this ridiculous cold weather. On top of that I have been slathering Oilatum’s natural repair face cream and then Clinique’s new BB cream SPF30.  But still come the afternoon my face looks dry and dusty.  I have to say if you had just started dating someone and using this at the same time they would probably start to wonder what was going on with your face.  Most other people, work colleagues etc. are only really likely to ask why your face is so red (which is embarrassing) possible excuses are – I’ve been on a sun bed, I’ve just got back from holiday, it’s really cold outside, I’ve had an allergic reaction…going for ‘I’ve just lasered my skin’ might make you seem a bit nutty!

Ow chihuahua! 

Since I have been using the laser I haven’t yet noticed the pigmentation dark speckles rising to the top of my skin and I haven’t really seen any improvement in texture although my freckles seem less noticeable. As it seems to be in the dry and peely stage I am assuming that you have to get through this stage to show the new skin?  I can’t really comment on the effectiveness of this device after only 5 treatments but I really wish it wasn’t so painful. I wonder if there is any way to purchase some sort of anaesthetic cream over the counter to numb the skin? As it burns while I am doing it then afterwards omg it is sooo itchy I feel like I need to scratch my skin off!  If you know whether or not this is legal/available then please do let me know as I have lots of sessions left!

 Let me know if you have any questions and if you want one yourself you can buy them here: Space NK