Urban Decay Naked 2 Palette Review

I am the very excited owner of both the first and second Urban Decay naked palettes and I must say, these are the two best palettes that I own. I love both and use both week after week.  As you can tell from how battered the first palette looks! Here is the link to my review of the first palette http://www.iheartcosmetics.co.uk/2010/08/urban-decay-naked-palette-swatches.html

I can’t honestly say which one is my favourite as I love them both, I would definitely buy both if you can afford them.  I have used Urban Decay since I was a teenager, which is depressingly quite a while ago now I come to think of it!  The pigmentation and application has always been fantastic and they do seem to generally have fixed the problems with glitter fallout that I used to experience, glittery cheeks doesn’t look good when you are over 20 unfortunately (for me).

From the Naked 2 palette my favourite colours are Half Baked, YDK, Pistol and Suspect. Gorgeous!

I used Foxy and Tease for this, and Red Cherry lashes

The Naked 2 palette comes with a mini lipgloss which is gorgeous but so small I have lost it already and a brush which I think is a bit crap so I have no idea where I put that. Stick with your Mac 224 and 239 and you won’t go far wrong.  If you want a black shadow then definitely go for the Naked 2 palette.

The Naked 1 palette came with a double ended eyeliner which I lost as well, there’s a recurring theme here…

I recommend both of these palettes 100% They cost £36 each and you can get them from Debenhams, House of Fraser. You can get the original Naked Palette for £32 from Beauty Bay.