HD Brows – review and pictures

Eyebrows are back in fashion and the bigger the better. Scouse brows, HD Brows, Wow Brows, Christian Eyebrows and on and on!

I wanted to get HD Brows as they are well known and I know a lot of people want these done so I figured it would be a good review to do to help people as well as give myself a groom and more defined look. I do normally tint and shape my own in between threading appointments but I have been so busy they have been left to grow for about 8 weeks. Bear in mind that my hair grows very very slowly so I don’t quite look like a gallagher brother just yet.

I booked my appointment at the Mayfair Tanning and Waxing Salon on Maddox St. as it was the nearest place to the office so I could nip there at lunch time. HD Brows cost a rather pricey £40 compared to my usual £14-17 for threading (which I then tint myself) so I was thinking that I better have some flipping good eyebrows for that money.

I got to the salon after being a bit confused, the signage does still say The Tanning Shop outside so I was a bit like..eh? am I in the right place?! Turns  out I was!  The receptionist and staff seemed very friendly and helpful and the procedure was explained to me by one of the therapists who came to help me when the receptionist was on the phone.  I mention this as normally when someone is on the phone you just have to stand and wait so I thought this was very professional.


The eyebrow chair is in the front of the salon and you sit in the window although normally I get my brows threaded in the middle of a shop (Selfridges) so I wasn’t too bothered. The lady doing the treatment asked me if I had used tint before with no ill effects and once I said I had I was given a patch test waiver form to sign – please don’t tell them you have tinted and been fine if you haven’t, a reaction to any type of hair dye is not nice so if you haven’t be honest and let them give you a patch test. We discussed what I wanted (general tidy up and shape) and she advised dark brown would be the colour to go for which was fine, that’s what I wanted.
The treatment starts with your eyebrows being cleansed and prepped for the tint.  The tint is then mixed and applied and left to take for a few minutes depending on how dark you need to go.  The tint is removed and then the process of waxing, threading, trimming, plucking etc. started.  I have to say that she was very thorough and did use the combination of the different procedures, all of the products she used were branded so I knew that she was doing it as she was supposed to (remember to watch out for people not doing this, you can only buy HD products if someone in the salon is trained so if they aren’t being used then there is something a bit amiss (obviously some may use their own wax and wax heater – that’s fair enough as the eyebrow wax used is a strip wax and most therapists I know recommend hot wax for brows). 

After my brows were shaped they were cleaned off and the therapist used some other product on a cotton pad to soothe them – it felt like aloe vera gel and it was probably something along those lines.  Then she applied mineral makeup poweder around my eyebrow to cover the redness which was good, it’s always embarrassing going back to the office with neon red eyebrows.  The next step was helpful as she had me watch her holding a mirror while she applied the HD brow make-up from the palette (a newer version of the old palette I have) and showed me how to shade them in well to make them look thicker and longer and how to highlight them.

Now I have been doing this for ages but I still found it useful to be shown as she did it slightly differently to me and I like the look.  She also explained my eyebrows work better with powder rather than pencil, as pencil is better to fill in gaps and I don’t have gaps.  She also wasn’t pushy about offering me the palette and when I explained I had one, even though it probably seemed a bit odd to her that I had the palette but never had HD Brows before, she just said that was good and to use it and told me how to mix the shades to get the right one. 

Anyway you can see for yourself in the before and after pictures.  My opinion of this treatment is that it is a good and thorough brow treatment that is great if your eyebrows need help.  If they need a reshape, if you have never had them done before, if you have sparse eyebrows and want to learn how to make them look thicker, it is also fine for men as it’s not going to make them look all thin and girly.

I would say that I don’t personally think you would need to get them done every 4 weeks if your shape is fine, if you are growing them in or trying to tame them then yes I would say get them done every month until that’s all sorted but as my shape is normally fine I think I would say have the HD brows 4 times a year and just get them threaded and tinted in between to save money as there’s hardly going to be any hair to thread AND wax after 4 weeks as my hair just doesn’t grow that quickly. 

A day later they look much more normal.  I really love the length that the HD Brows have given me as I felt that my eyebrows were far too short before and didn’t frame my face properly. 

What do you think?  Apologies in advance about the face/hair, unfortunately it’s my only face so not a lot I can do about that one ;P