Philips ReAura-skin rejuvenation laser Update

As you can tell from my previous posts about the Philips ReAura-skin rejuvenation laser I found it quite tough to get to grips with because it made my skin so red and stung like a mutha!  But after quite a lot of sessions I have had quite a difference in my freckles/pigmentation on my cheeks and I have been bloody impressed.  You can see above where I have circled the freckles.  Bearing in mind I never go in the sun I have no idea how I have got them, I am a spray tan afficionado? Perhaps they are from when I was a child or something.  Now you can see from the below picture that they are almost invisible.

I still have 2 more treatments to do so hopefully they will be totally totally gone after that.  I will do a proper update when I have finished all 16 treatments but I wanted to post these pictures now as I am so pleased!

Philips Reaura can be bought from,en_GB,pg.html and you can also buy it from freestanding stores too.