SK:N Clinics Laser Hair Removal Treatment 1

I was back at the London Wall SK:N clinic yesterday for session 1 of my underarm laser hair removal.

What happens – they check if any medication/pregnancy or other changes have occurred since your patch test.  You hop up on the bed and the area being lasered is cleansed and then a gel is applied (I think it’s aloe vera gel).  You put some funky massive glasses on to protect your eyes, as does the nurse (I think they are nurses?), the machine is switched on and away you go. 

The machine is very loud and it also blows cold air out so when you are being lasered and it gets a bit hot, the area is cooled down. All very sensible.  The treatment is so quick that while it is a bit ouchy I was laying on the bed for a maximum of 5 minutes having it done.  I was in and out of SK:N in 15 minutes and that included me confirming my future appointments with the receptionist.

I was completely surprised with both how fast and how much less it hurt than I thougth that it would.

How long does it take? – Literally 5 minutes for my underarms.

What if I am a bit of a baby and it hurts? – Just suck it up! They try and work quickly so it is best to keep still, the pain is a bit like someone jabbing you with a pin very gently then ever so often jabbing you a bit harder, it doesn’t hurt per se just a bit like oooh! Makes you jump. I have no idea why people say it feels like a rubber band pinging you, it’s nothing like that at all! I am assuming that it hurts more where the hair is stronger and that the pain must be the root of the hair but that is just an assumption.  On one underarm I said ow three times on the other I tried to keep quiet but it hurt about twice.

Things to remember when having laser hair removal are:

  • no sunbeds or fake tan on the area being treated
  • wear a high factor like SPF 50 if you are in the sun
  • shave the area to be treated before the treatment
  • do not wax or epilate the area being treated

How does it work?

To eliminate hair, the laser emits gentle pulses of energy that pass through the skin to the hair follicle. This energy is then absorbed into the hair follicle to destroy it so that is unlikely to grow there again.

Am I a viable candidate for laser hair removal?

Laser hair removal can be applied to all areas of the body and on all types of skin (Cynosure works on even tanned or dark skin).

How many laser hair treatments are required?

Typically patients will see results in 4 – 6 treatments, though this number will vary based upon skin tone, hair color and several other factors. Your doctor or practitioner will talk to you about variables that may affect your individual results.

Sk:n clinics are all over the country and you can view their prices here 

I will keep you updated how I get on with treatment 2 x