Las Vegas Holiday

3 May 2012

I just got back from Las Vegas...booo! I am sad to be back, it is so lovely and warm there the heat is so different to when it's hot in Europe, the heat felt like when you open the oven and it just hits you hard and is all around you and coming in wave after wave of searing heat.  I have to say I LOVED it, it was a bit unnerving going into the hotels from the blazing sun and the aircon being totally freezing though!

I found the flights totally did a number on me, does anyone else get really swollen after a flight? My feet have expanded to cornish pasty size they feel awful.  If you have any tips to get rid of this swelling then please let me know, I have been drinking plenty of water already.

I enjoyed wandering around the different casinos and shopping centres, above is Caeser's  Palace shops where they had Victoria Secret and the Bath and Body Works shop so I could get the hand sanitisers that I really wanted.  The rest of the shops were nice but very pricey (Louis, Louboutin etc.)

I managed to get a good picture from the top of the Eiffel Tower attraction at Paris hotel, it was great to be able to see all of the hotels and the people working on the resort were really nice and friendly.

I went on the New York New York casinos' Manhattan roller-coaster and oh my god it was absolutely terrifying!  I was screaming the entire way around, my glasses nearly flew off an in my efforts to hold them in my hand and not lose them (and spend the rest of the holiday blind) I managed to bend them!  I haven't ever been to any proper rides before an I really found that this shook me up and I had legs like jelly afterwards.  If you were planning on doing this - eat afterwards not before!

Places I recommend:

  • CSI Experience at the MGM Grand - obviously only if you like CSI
  • Siegfried and Roy Dolphin Garden at the Mirage - the big cats were a bit boring but the dolphins were a-ma-zing! I'd stay away from the stroppy ginger  woman at the big cats enclosure, I've never seen anyone get so mardy about being asked NOT to take a photo of someone. Newsflash love, I HATE strangers taking my picture! Get over it!
  • Pink's Hotdogs at Planet Hollywood - cheap and cheerful and tasty
  • BLT Burger at the Mirage - chocolate shake is LUSH and $6
  • Paris casino - Eiffel tower for amazing views
  • Hooters! I loved it here! Probably makes me a weird woman but I thought it was fun and the food was great
  • Senor frogs at TI
  • Rhumbar at Mirage - they have Shisha if that's your thing
  • Caesars - I loved it!

Places I wouldn't bother with:

  • Cheesecake factory - overpriced and over hyped - didn't taste anything special to us
  • Rollercoaster if you're scared of them - I was too scared to enjoy the views
  • King cola at Rhumbar - far too strong urgh!
  • North outlets - Michael Kors was same price there as in the strip shops as were my Sketchers trainers. Bit pointless going all that way.



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