Crazy Angel Midnight Kiss Fake Tan Review


I really do appreciate all of the things that I get sent to review, but nothing makes me more excited to literally get home and slap something on to test  ASAP than a new fake tan.  I love tan more than any other beauty product as it covers up so many problems, means you can look ok without any makeup on, makes you look skinnier and your muscles more defined, makes you look healthier, covers lots of stretch marks, makes cellulite look less horrible…I could go on (and on).  Don’t want to bore the pants off you though. I will tell you a secret thought, I have either a spray tan or do my fake tan once a week, every week unless I am having my laser hair removal treatment done (otherwise the nurse at Sk:n get’s right proper cross with me).

I had seen Crazy Angel’s range of fake tanning lotions and spray tans at professional beauty shows but never tried them, I wasn’t too sure what the colour would be like and with fake tan I have tried so many, I often tend to stick with what I know which is obviously a bit silly as a beauty blogger but sometimes you do think ‘if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it’.

I was sent the Midnight Kiss Tanning Lotion which is an 8% DHA lotion.  Now those who aren’t ‘in the know’ about DHA – it is the product in the tan that actually reacts with the amino acids in the top layer of your skin to create the colour of the tan, the higher percentage of the tan, the darker the tan (or orange depending if there is too much).  8% is actually considered a light amount of DHA for a light fake tan if you are spray tanning and as I thought, while this is definitely a bit darker than your usual medium or light fake tan due to the shade (it has a lot more red brown rather than orange brown undertones) so while the guide colour goes on super dark and makes you look like morph from art attack, the actual colour is more medium and very natural.



My arm vs Morph

(erm hadn’t done my hand yet clearly lol…too busy posing)

The lotion texture is much thinner than normal so be careful not to whack down the pump and have it shoot out over your beige Victoria Secret loungewear. Just saying.

Smell the scent of this tanner is much nicer than most fake tans and it’s quite fruity, the normal fake tan smell does seem to have crept through a little by morning but I don’t really care as long as I am tanned. Vain, that’s me.

Developing time is overnight like most lotion fake tans.

I apply this by making sure my legs are shaved, I exfoliate and put moisturiser on my palms, feet, elbows and knees.  I then use a glove and then a mitt to apply the lotion.  You can slap this tan on as it is quite foolproof and as long as the skin is covered you will be fine, quite like Fake Bake or Xen Tan.

My overall thoughts about this tan are that it is a quality product, it uses both DHA and Erythrulose, a lot of tans don’t include Erythrulose but I find that ones that do have a better colour as it is a natural product that acts the same as DHA but also moisturises.

The bottle is good value for the price and the pump action makes it easier to get the tan out than a tube or bottle.  The guide colour is fine and the wash off colour the next day is great and really natural.  The colour lasted 6 days and the fade off was really good.  I would definitely purchase this tan again myself and might see if there is a sample of the spray tan that I can give a go as well.

Tan costs  £17.95 from