Macadamia Natural Oil

The more I go to the gym, the more I end up having to wash my hair which means that I have to really cut down on the heat usage and use as many hair growth and moisturising products as possible to stop myself looking like the man on the Weetos box.  I had never considered using Macadamia Oil products before as I had assumed they would literally be oily ..and smell like nuts.  Turns out it’s only the oil that is oily and nothing smells like nuts so assuming obviously made an ass out of me this time.

I have been using the Rejuvenating Shampoo and Moisturising Rinse every day at the gym and it really does make your hair silky soft and smooth.  I do have to use a bit of dry shampoo at the roots after using these as it is so smooth that it can look a bit limp, but I don’t really mind as long as my hair is nice and moisturised and not damaged and dry from all the washing and it certainly feels in good condition and stronger than usual.

I have been using these in conjunction with my ‘make my hair grow’ regime that I have been cultivating for the last few months and I do plan on blogging that soon but today is the first day in ages I have had time to just sit, do nothing and think about writing articles and getting all of the beauty babble that whizzes around my head every minute of the day down and typed up.  I hate not having time to blog as i end up just wittering on about beauty to anyone and everyone.  In the pub I was telling a stranger that he could buy a wide tooth comb for his curly hair so it wouldn’t get so tangled.  At work I was singing the praises of cuticle remover and Hydraluron…these people are probably thinking ‘shut the hell up woman I just wanted a drink or a stapler’ not to know about skin dehydration caused by air conditioning, the matrix of the nail being where the nail is formed in your finger or that there are special combs for curly hair!! 

The rejuvenating shampoo has some really cool benefits

  • Sulfate and paraben free
  • Gently cleanses chemically treated, damaged hair
  • Replenishes moisture with no heavy build-up
  • Builds protection from harsh daily environmental elements

I had no idea that this shampoo was sulfate free as it lathers up A LOT much more than sulfate free products normally do and I quite like a bit of lather.  It is a very gentle shampoo and very very moisturising, it gets out dry shampoo, serum and mousse well and you don’t need to shampoo twice to get your hair super clean.

The moisturising rinse is very gentle and not too heavy while still really conditioning the hair but being suitable for every day use.  This leaves your hair feeling like silk and it is also paraben and sulfate free which is great.  Another thing to note is that all products from this range are cruelty free so they are not tested on animals, always a huge plus for me.

Overall I really like this brand of products and the shampoo is definitely a stand out product for me, but for the price I think the conditioner is more give or take as a bottle of conditioner really doesn’t last me half as long as a bottle of shampoo.  

I would definitely be interested in trying out this product next time I need to buy a shampoo as it looks quite funky like a mousse shampoo

The products are also quite pricey at around £18 but the bottles are big, if I didn’t have to carry them to the gym though I wouldn’t as they are so heavy! These are ones for the bathroom shelf for sure and the packaging is pretty so they would look nice to have on display.

Shampoo – 9/10

Conditioner – 6/10

You can buy them at Lookfantastic or

pr samples – honest review as always