Consumers: Deserve and Demand a Skincare Product That Really Works

At some point all of us need a skincare product to address either temporary signs of wear and tear, long term symptoms of underlying medical conditions, or the inevitable onset of ageing. There’s a lot of product choice on the market, but when it comes to treating your skin, particularly the skin on your face, neck and chest, then don’t choose a product based on what its packaging claims it can do, look for one which is developed and made by a trustworthy and respectable source first.

Unlike most moisturisers and tonics for oily, dry, damaged or ageing skin which have traditionally been
developed by cosmetics professionals, new choices are being given to the consumer with product ranges
developed by dermatologists, physicians and scientists and finally, the claims on the packaging are meaningful.

Because of this, skincare treatments have taken the long awaited step away from the two conventional
options of home remedies (which were often ineffectual) or clinical surgeries, to offer consumers a third
choice – non-invasive treatments which replicate the success of surgery and which can be applied at home.

Currently, one of the most influential and well respected people in the skincare industry is Jan Marini.
Considered a pioneer in her field, Marini has built a solid reputation for quality skincare that, more
importantly, is scientifically proven to work. Her research resulted in technological breakthroughs; she was the first to make stable Vitamin C technology commercially viable and brought it to the market.

Similarly she was leading the way with Glycolics research which predated the clinical and now commercial use of acids to improve and enhance the appearance, texture and health of skin.
Her latest innovation is the Bioglycolics Range which combines the benefits of glycolic acid with scientific and technological advances to offer what can only be described as the most advanced product range yet, proven to counter and correct skin conditions, including discolouration, fine lines and wrinkles and skin texture.

For consumers new to the skincare market, the Jan Marini range is the best possible place to begin. Her unique formula has been selected to capitalise on bioavailability, in other words, the rate at which the product is absorbed to where it needs to be. This makes the range of Bioglycolic facial cleansers, moisturisers, sunless tanning and skin management packages incredibly effective. Customers are currently describing the range as “the first products that have ever left me completely content and happy about a purchase”, and “totally amazing”.

Shown to improve hydration, even skin tone, enhance collagen, reduce inflammation and erythema and effectively tackle acne, no matter what your skin requirements, there is a Bioglycolics product to suit.