Dove Go Fresh Pomegranate and Lemon Verbena Deodorant

In general I really don’t think of deodorant very much at all. I hate armpits whether it be mine, yours or Brad Pitt’s Pitt, they are all just horrible. I hate armpits the way most people hate feet.

I get so many press releases and emails asking me to review deodorants and I hate it! I used to feel bad declining in case I seemed rude but I am past caring these days. I hate armpits!!!

I have recently found the one and only scent and 2 products (both made by Dove) which I can deal with using and talking or thinking about so on at basis I assume they must be pretty good as to not repulse me completely.

The products that I like are Dove’s spray deodorant and maximum protection deodorant in the scent Go Fresh Pomegranate and Lemon Verbena.

The spray is perfect for every day and the maximum protection for gym, sports or nights out. Not tried the roll on as they make me feel ill, armpit rolling (vom).

The scent is fruity and fresh, doesn’t clash with your perfume but doesn’t have that weird dusty powder smell that unscented ones seem to have and both do their specific deodoranting tasks well.

The maximum protection cream is £5.30 and the spray £2.89 in Boots or similar shops but they usually have offers on.

Definitely going to be the only one I use from now on. Check out the other scents on

Does anyone else hate thinking or talking about deodorant and armpits? Or am I just a weirdo?