Dove Winter Care Cream Review

Dove have really hit the nail on the head with the Winter Care Cream formulation. which is currently £1.64 at Boots  It is thicker than the regular Dove body lotions and has the warm amber scent of the Winter Care fragrance.  The fragrance is soft but you can still smell it a few hours later which is really comforting.  This is a cream to use after a shower or bath before bedtime or before lounging around at home as you will never get your skinny jeans on if you put this on and then attempt to squeeze in them as the cream is very thick!

Your skin feels so soft and hydrated afterwards although it does take a bit of time to sink in so if I am drying my hair I will use the hairdryer to heat up the cream so it sinks in quicker.

I like this much more than other Dove body lotions I have tried and as my skin gets ridiculously dry during the colder months approach, I will be grabbing some of these for my friends too. Love it!

pr sample = honest review as always (I was sent the regular body lotion but didn’t like that too much)