Lauren Conrad Beauty – Book Review

I never know why this seems to be a surprise to some people but I love reading and if I am interested in the book I will generally read it within the day if I have time. I am not too fussy on topic and I love everything from textbooks to psychology, Dynamo’s book to Dan Brown. My latest beauty book to flick through has been Lauren Conrad’s which I must say was quite a surprise to me and I shall explain why.

I watched The Hills and Laguna Beach on MTV which Lauren starred in and to be honest I always thought she came across as rather annoying! Quite the contrast to this book in which she comes across as sensible, knowledgeable and very relatable.

The book covers all of the basics that any young woman needs to know about health, skincare and beauty from nail art to exercise and vitamins. I think that the advice given in all sections is great and I felt myself nodding in agreement as I was reading a lot of the sections.

There are sections of text giving advice and explaining things which are interspersed with How-To sections with lots of pictures that are really easy to follow such as how to get Lauren’s makeup looks and hairstyles.

Overall this would be a great stocking filler Christmas present for any 13+ girl who is interested in beauty and I definitely recommend it.

The book costs just £8.94 on amazon so really is a bargain