UltraDex Dental Products

A couple of months ago I was sent this lovely box of Ultradex products which I have worked my way through and frankly couldn’t have come at a better time as it turns out that four of my teeth (the back ones but not the wisdom teeth) have Enamel hypoplasia which according to Wikipedia is the defect of the teeth in which the tooth enamel is hard but thin and deficient.  Which sucks.  Basically it seems to mean that all four teeth have decay even though you can’t really tell from looking a them that there is anything wrong and there is no pain.  So I have had this week 2 teeth drilled out and filled with white filling and I will be honest I bloody hated it. I hated the drill, I hated the injection, I hated the noise and I just hate the dentist now.  

I have never been scared of the dentist before but damn my whole head is still throbbing.  I am hoping that I don’t have some sort of infection as I didn’t think you were supposed to have any pain afterwards but then again I have never had this type of deep filling before so I think I will leave it a week or so to heal and if the pain hasn’t gone then go back to the dentist.

Back to the Ultra Dex products, I have always been keen on brushing and flossing well and these Ultra Dex toothpastes and mouthwashes are great.  I can’t say I was super keen on the taste of the toothpaste but they all did their job so well that I shouldn’t really complain.  

My favourite thing are these inter dental brushes – it is so so hard to floss your back teeth but these make it much easier and as they are rubber they don’t hurt like the wire ones can.  These would be great if you have sore gums as unfortunately that’s the time when it’s super important to make sure all bits of food and debris are gone and your mouth is clean but the time when it is the most painful.

The toothpastes and mouthwashes are formulated not only to get rid of bad breath but to remove the bacteria that causes it so they aren’t just a mask.  The recalcifying whitening toothpaste is my favourite of the two as it helps protect sensitive teeth and is low abrasion and SLS free and reduces oral bacteria but also helps protect your tooth enamel, which clearly I need!

Overall I think these are the best products you can buy for your oral health on the high street, I have certainly repurchased the toothpaste and interdental sticks and use them twice a day (can you tell I am paranoid about not having to go to the dentist again)?!  There is no contest between these and Oral B/Aquafresh you can see the difference after just days using them.

Prices are:

Daily Oral Rinse 500ml – £8.15

Low Abrasion Toothpaste – £6.10

Recalcifying Toothpaste – £8.15

Interdental Brushes – £5.49

Interdental Tape – £3.49

pr samples – honest review as always