Victoria Secret Shower Gels

Some of my favourite shower gels are those from Victoria Secret.  The bottle is fairly large (250ml) and it’s a great shape to be handy in the shower and prevent me dropping it, which is a mean feat when you take your glasses of and can’t see a damn thing!

My favourite scents are Such a Flirt, Pretty in Pink and Secret Cravings.  I think my overall favourite is called Such a Flirt and I love the coral and aqua colours of the bottle.  They do contain SLS but the foam is so nice and creamy that I forgive them, kinda.

If you need a stocking filler present for a friend or a secret santa or just something for yourself then I would definitely pick one of these up if you are near London Bond Street or Westfield Stratford (or if  you are in the USA then anywhere)!  They are around £7 in the UK but often on offer, I think I got 5 for £25 once.

9/10 – Love and a must buy for me