@Core150Shaker Review

I used to find taking my protein powder to work to make my shakes for after the gym or a snack a bit of a pain but then on Twitter I found out about the Company Core 150 http://www.core150.com/ and ordered two of their shakers as they were on special offer for 2 for £20.  Inside the shaker fits a small tupperware box with 3 compartments where you can ether put 3 different powders, protein powder, small snacks, vitamins or basically anything you want, the box then fits inside the shaker to save space.

I use one of these nearly every day now and it is definitely one of the best things that I have purchased recently.  I would recommend this to anyone who has protein shakes but hates lugging loads of stuff around.

Love!  Also they come in nice colours (the lid and inside box, but the main bits are black so people don’t start trying to analyse what you have got in them, if you work in an office you know what I mean, people are always trying to get involved!