PR / Blogger Competitions can go and fuck off

5 December 2012

I would just like to state, for the record, that I am in a bad mood.  And sending me an email like the ones I have received from PR's today about entering their competitions makes me want to punch them in the ovary (or equivalent). I have no interest in any of these products and find it so irritating that they contact everyone on their database about every single competition.

Here is an example

Dear Beauty Blogger,

[Insert PR Company] has teamed up with [Insert brand you either haven't heard of in your life or a brand that should know better] and is offering 10 lucky beauty bloggers  the chance to win five pairs of [insert something crap] to giveaway on their blog.

The chance of me entering these competitions is less than zero.  I haven't got the time, the inclination and frankly I just don't give a toss about the prize in the first place.  If I wanted it I would go and buy it, but I don't, so I haven't!

I am not sure why this seems to be the recent new thing but I presume the  Companies see bloggers as cheap labour to create a buzz about a brand without spending much money.  When 50+ bloggers are pinning, making youtube videos, tweeting, instagramming, hashtagging and facebooking about the same thing they are generating a lot of talk about this brand, so great for them, but not great for you as a blogger, you basically waste your time on the very small chance you will win, then even if you do win you have to give the products away in a giveaway.

You can count me out of that, if there's one thing I hate it's getting mugged off.

I wonder if they want to enter a competition to win the amazing opportunity of  hoovering the hall in my flat or helping an old lady put her g string on..............? Hmmm....


Not Just Inside said...

I avoid these "competitions" like the plague.. At the end of the day WHO wants to read a blog post about a competition the blogger is taking part in

Paula B said...

Hahaha I absolutely loved this and completely 100% agree!! Hilarious and ill back you up to get rid of these stupid pissing emails!!! X


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