What to do when your normally good skin get’s a spot!! AAAH!

Normally my skin is very good and very well behaved.  This is mainly because I know what it likes, it’s very dry and so I give it lots of lovely Emma Hardie cleanser, nice non astringent toners and oils, hydraluron and lots of moisturiser and moisturising face masks.  I am very gentle with it and try not to exfoliate too much even though it feels so good! Sometimes however I use something that for some reason makes it unhappy and I have the dreaded.


As it happens fairly rarely I do get really overdramatic about it.  In fact I don’t even call it dramatic it’s just other people who seem to think so.  What do they bloody know anyway?  I have some go-to products depending on what kind of complete disaster I seem to be having.

Oxy Seaweed Power Clear Pore Exfoliator
This stuff is pretty strong and gritty and it is perfect for an outbreak of those irritating spots on the back of your arms which I think are called Keratosis Pilaris called by clogged pored.  This cleans and is anti bacterial so perfect for use after the gym to unclog all of the dead skin and make the backs of your arms perfect and smooth. Winner!

Sk:n Vitamin-Rich Cleanser For Oily Skin £11 In Boots
This is great if I have been using a lot of fake tan… although really, would I do such a thing? Ok yes.  Sometimes you get a bit of build up and your skin gets a bit clogged so it’s great to use this to remove impurities and dead skin cells with the glycolic acid it contains without using a super strong product because they just don’t work if you have really really sensitive skin like I do as it just goes red and gets sore.  This also seems to work well if you have a rash on your face under the skin.

Neutrogena Visibly Clear Blackhead Eliminating Daily Scrub £3.50 on Ocado
This scrub is great for blackheads.  Can you believe that?! I should win an award for stating the obvious.  However it’s also good if you have recently had a spot to keep the area clean.  It does truly seem to work on the nose and chin area to stop blackheads in their tracks and seems to work even better on men than women although perhaps that’s because they have rougher skin and more blackheads? Who knows.  I also use this on a microfibre cloth on my wrists if I have gone a bit streaky with the fake tan.  The only problem with this is that it’s a right pain to wash off, you think it’s all off then you end up having to rinse again then it’s still on there so you splash yourself like in the adverts and then the water gets everywhere (how does that work in adverts)….

Clean and Clear Blackhead Clearing Daily Scrub £3.99 in Boots

I usually either buy this one or the Neutrogena one but I got sent the Neutrogena one while i still had this one, so there you go.  Let’s be honest when you have two products from different brands that are almost identical we do what anyone sensible would do. See which one is on special offer in Boots and buy the cheaper one.  This and the Neutrogena one are almost identical, same effects, same white cream with little scrubby beads, nice minty ish fresh smell. I think the clean and clear one just swings it because it’s blue. Yes I am that shallow.

Overall my favourite is the SK:N facial wash and I wouldn’t be without that now.

Any tips for a spot you need to draw out? Does magnesium sulphate paste work?