50 Things About Me


1. I used scottish dance, yes the full highland fling! 
2. I would love to go to the Blue Lagoon in Iceland.
3. I hate my surname. Entire name. So boring. 
4. Tea really needs to be made with a PG tips pyramid bag.
5. My favorite holiday destination is Barcelona
6. I love cooking but cannot be bothered with presentation.
7. I am quite secretive with people IRL.
8. The more people tell me to watch a tv series the less I want to.
9. Sheldon from Big bang and The Rock are my secret crushes.
10. I hate cheap shoes and bags.
11. I’m starting to wonder if I have slight ADHD 
12. My drinks of choice is Ciroc vodka and tonic or wine. 
13. I love trashy books.
14. I love Harry Potter everything.
15. I read the book The Secret and completely agree with it.
16. I hate following recipes, I like the slap it in approach.
17. I love watches.
18. I love gangster rap, hip hop and….salsa music. Randomness.
19. I can be very childish. Say 69 and I WILL giggle.
20. I hate the smell of lavender.
21. I HATE tan accessories. All black everything, that’s my attitude (thanks Trina).
22. I do not understand Mac computers. 
23. Worst chore in the universe is doing the bins.
24. Bill Bailey is my favorite comedian.
25. I love the gym but running outside is my idea of hell.
26. I have trouble listening to music that I don’t like, it makes my skin crawl.
27. I think karaoke is the work of the devil.
28. I can speak just enough Italian to get myself fed, drunk and party.
29. I eat porridge for breakfast nearly every day. 
30. My first kiss was with my friend Clare’s next door neighbour.
31. I love dancing.
32. I get a bit upset when people cough or sneeze without a tissue. Vile.
33. I think my cat is gay.
34. I have lots of ‘internet friends’ including some I have met in real life.
35. I did a beauty qualification so I could do my own spray tan!
36. I really hate lukewarm food. It’s hot, cold or nothing.
37. I’m scared of buying things on my credit card.
38. I hate DIY and decorating. I do it, but I hate it.
39. I love being busy.
40. October – December is my favorite time of year.
41. I hate people touching my hair/ears.
42. I hated school so much I would quite happily have bunked off every day
43. I wish I had a big family
44. If I had a daughter I would want to call her Madison.
45. I once stayed out so late that my mum called the police 
46. I love Cadbury Pinky bars from Australia
47. I love watching boxing or cage fighting.
48. I think they should make commuters take a test and if they are too annoying they can’t get a season ticket.
49. I am all for banning the use of rucksacks.
50. I would rather use the hairdryer on myself than put the heating on.