Agua Spa at the Sanderson – Review

I’ve not been having the best time at the moment (personal reasons) so being offered an amazing agua Spa treatment at the beautiful hotel The Sanderson which is renowned for its extensive menu of luxurious treatments and services was the best thing that could have happened to me.

I went along last Thursday evening to be introduced to one of the spa’s most popular facials and to experience the pampering first hand as, like most London spas, the treatments are quite expensive so it is good to read about someone else’s experience before parting with your money especially if it is a present for someone else.  Let me start by saying, I am sure you know since I have written moany blog posts many times before, that I am not shy to say if something is bad, wrong or just plain weird.  That being said I would 100% happily go back to this spa and pay for a treatment and am already planning to go back again for the same facial I had once I get my bonus from work.

The treatment I had was from Natura Bisse called The Cure.  It is a deep cleansing treatment which I really needed. My skin is generally very good but the stress of the past few months had taken it’s toll and I had even come out in a couple of spots last week, for someone who never EVER has even the tiniest blemish this was clearly a cause for national panic.

The Cure is based on an enzymatic detoxification that includes a double cleansing process inspired by traditional Japanese protocols and the extraction of impurities.  Applications of aloe and propolis, lymphatic drainage and a nano stimulating mask.  The cleansing is so lovely and relaxing and you have gorgeous hot towels to remove each layer of cleansing which really feels so luxurious, much more so than the sponges you get removing the product in a lot of other facials.  The nano stimulating mask was fun but a bit freaky! You are only left for 5 minutes but the mask is sort of bubbling and fizzing on your face and I felt a bit like I was part of a science experiment! It was pretty cool though and I am looking forward to having it done again.  After the facial my skin looked like baby skin it was amazing.  It was so bright and radiant and now, 3 days later it still looks the same.  I even had extraction but had no redness or any spots over the next couple of days. I love this facial.

The Agua Spa is different to a lot of spas in that there are no internal walls and the ceiling is super duper high, all of the walls are made instead with layers of whispy white curtains and all of the furniture and basically everything is either silver or white in the entire spa, which made me feel like I was inside a cloud, it was very cool.  The decor is quite New York in style and very minimalist which I love.  It had been a very long time since I just sat, drank a glass of champagne and chilled doing nothing but look at a fountain for AN HOUR but there time just stood still and I had quickly racked up an entire hour doing nothing but feeling awesome.  After I left I sent loads of text messages because I felt in such a chilled mood and wanted everyone else to know all about it! 

This spa would be an amazing place to go before your wedding if you are having a bit of a nightmare, if you are having a hard time at work or in your relationship and need a few hours of escape time or just, if you can afford it, every month! I would go all the time if I was able.  The facial The Cure costs £100.

You can also buy Natura Bisse products in Space NK and I am definitely going to go and take a look at buying a few new things on payday as the products were amazing.