Bounce London – Review

121 Holborn,
EC1N 2TD  (020) 3657 6525

You know you’re in for a good night when by the time you’ve walked to the bar you have a big smile on your face, and everyone you walk past has a big smile on their face too.  

The place is kind of hard to find, it’s at Holborn Circus roundabout right next to Boots and there was a doorman… wasn’t expecting that!  Go down the stairs and you come across reception which has the bar to the left and the loo to the right.

The bar is huge and sweeps down the middle section of the left hand side of the venue, to the back is a pizza restaurant although to be honest (as always) I spent more time talking than eating (why doesn’t this ever stop me drinking too much)?  So I can’t comment on the food per se but from what I remember it was tasty.

The place is really big as you can see from the picture above and there are 17 ping pong tables in all.  This would be a great place for a team do at work or a birthday, you really need to book in advance to get a ping pong table but even though we didn’t play I really liked the atmosphere, it was pretty funny having balls flying through the air while you’re having a drink and we even saw someone so drunk when they got hit in the face with a bat they didn’t even notice!

Overall I think Bounce is a great concept and a welcome change for a drink and some fun.  We had a great time and I would definitely go back there and this time book and get a ping pong table too.  9/10 (drinks and food pretty pricey) but a great time had by all!