My QVC Top Picks

QVC is my favourite beauty retailer who can be accessed online, via the TV and by phone.  They offer a 30 day money back guarantee so if you are allergic to a product or you think it isn’t worth the money then they will refund you, even if you have tested the product out, the products always arrive very well packaged so they aren’t damaged which is very important to me as many times I have ordered people presents online and they have arrived and  been beaten up in the post so I can’t give them to someone as a gift.


My top 3 products/sets that QVC sell in their beauty section are all long time favourites of mine and I love that it is so easy to stock up with QVC and have it all delivered to your door or office with no fuss and no carrying heavy bags!

Elemis Monoi Moisture Melt – Frangipani

Elemis Monoi Moisture Melt – Frangipani

This gorgeous product is always my backup idea if I am stuck for a present for someone (female)! The bottle contains a solid which, when put in a mug of hot water or in the bath/shower then melts down to a gorgeous oil that can be used for hair, skin or nails and it does a fabulous job of all of these things, the main thing is though it smells absolutely gorgeous, I have never known anyone to dislike the scent as it is truly universally gorgeous. I use it mostly on my shins as they get very dry, probably not helped by my fake tan usage! This product gets purchased straight away as soon as it’s run out and if you get it from QVC you can actually buy two at a time and split them with a friend or keep a backup to save money.

Ojon Treat, Hydrate and Thicken Collection

I was never able to use Ojon products when I had natural hair as my hair is so thin and fine it just made it quite greasy and limp. Now I have real human hair extensions (weave extensions) the hair obviously doesn’t get the natural oils from my scalp so needs to be deep conditioned twice a week and treated with lovely moisturising products but also, as my own hair at the top of my head is still quite limp I need to ensure I don’t overdo the rich products and this is why the Thickening Collection works the best for me for my natural and extension hair, it’s not greasy and heavy but it is very rich and moisturising. The products also have that gorgeous Ojon chocolatey macadamia scent which always has people asking what it is.

Emma Hardie Moringa Cleansing Balm

This is my absolute holy grail, must have or I have a panic-attack product. My skin gets very angry if I try and move to another cleanser, even just to test it for review and every time I find myself reaching for another tub of this. It’s expensive but it works, keeps my skin hydrated and my eczema at bay but never clogs my skin up or leaves a film. I use this by massaging it into my skin morning and night and then removing with hot water and a flannel. I don’t like muslin cloths so I just use a white cotton flannel, white as you can wash them on high in the washing machine to get rid of the mascara and foundation stains!

My tips for selecting the right beauty product to suit you:

Think about what skin type you are, if you have oily skin you need products that are oil free, powder products rather than cream or gel products so they don’t just slide off your skin and for dry skin the exact opposite generally applies. If you have sensitivity or acne it is best to go with simple products that don’t cause any irritation or perhaps something anti bacterial. For makeup you need to work out what colours suit you with your colouring, skin and hair colour. I find looking for celebrities or people in magazines or youtube videos (or other blogs) who look similar to you and have pictures of them with different makeup looks you can copy are really helpful. If I want to know whether a new product is worth buying I often check the blogs of Holly at Yummy Mummy Beauty Blog, Laura at Liparazzi and Caroline at Beauty Mouth to see if any of them have tried the product to see if they like them.

My Beauty Essentials

To me, the most important beauty essentials are a good black mascara, as my eyelashes are blonde and I wear glasses so I really need to define my lashes to look normal, a fabulous cleanser to get rid of the grime of working in London every day and a foundation with sunscreen to wear every day to protect your skin from the sun’s rays and pollution.