9 July 2013

Sunkissed Tanning Range Review

I was sent over the range of Sunkissed tanning products to try out last month and I used them exclusively (save for one professional spray tan) until they ran out to give them a fair go, apart from the gold bottle which is a gradual tanner, I have never in my life liked gradual tanners in any brand ever I can't see the point as I want it now, not gradually.

I tried out the exfoliator, mousse and mitt. Overall the only product that was worth the money was the exfoliator, at £3.99 it really does a nice job of preparing your skin for a fake tan and isn't too scratchy.  The mitt is different from other mitts I have used and I just didn't like it, it didn't apply the tan particularly evenly at all.  The fake tan itself is very similar to St Moriz in consistency.  It smells like burnt caramel and the colour is just...ok for the price, the main bugbear being that after putting the tan on it wears off within about 2/3 days fading very fast and looking patchy.

Overall I would have to say avoid this range as you get what you pay for, this isn't much good at all.

Hope this saves someone some money!

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