VeinEraze Thread Vein Removal Treatment

One of my real bugbears on my face was my thread veins.  If you don’t have these then I am insanely jealous.  I am not sure why some people have them and others don’t, perhaps they are more noticeable on me as my skin is naturally so thin and pale, or perhaps it’s genetics, but basically they are tiny purple or red coloured veins that mean if you’re not wearing any makeup you look really veiny but then again you can’t wear makeup in all situations so they are really irritating.

Mine are around my nose and around my mouth and the last time I was having my eyebrow tattoos touched up I had them needled by Lorena at Derma Eraze in Caterham.  She said the thread vein removal would be quick and easy and, on the day it was very quick and easy. It took about two weeks overall for the needle marks to calm down but I do have very very sensitive skin so I think it would take a lot less time if you have normal or more hardy skin.

First of all a numbing cream is applied to the area and then left to either soak in or start working (perhaps a bit of both)! Once your skin is properly numbed, a tiny tiny thin needle is used on the thread vein.  I am pretty sure that it’s just the tiny needle doing the work and that nothing is injected or sucked out which is pretty cool as it’s obviously a fairly natural treatment if nothing is injected into you.  After lots of tiny jabs (which did sting a bit) the area is then cleaned and you are done.  Immediately after the treatment the veins have gone but you have got tiny puncture marks instead.  Once the area has healed after a week or two, the veins have gone! I am ever so impressed and would 100% have this done again.  I am wondering whether to have this done on my legs as I have a few coming there and my mum definitely has some so I am thinking it must be genetics.

Overall this is definitely one of the quickest yet effective treatments I have had other than botox. There was only 1 vein which resisted which is a great result. A big thumbs up! For prices etc. it depends on what areas you are having done but you can check out the facebook page for the most up to date info