Monthly Gel Polish Box Review – Candy Coat

Candy Coat Monthly Nail Box

Candy Coat Monthly Nail Box

Candy Coat is a great new addition to the subscription beauty box family as it’s finally a nail box that
includes gel polish! The box I got was the Gel Polish subscription box which comes with 3 gel colours and up to 10 additional nail accessories.   I rarely wear normal nail varnish and I know that is true for most of my friends, family and colleagues so I think this makes much more sense and fills a gap in
the market.

Candy Coat Monthly Nail Box

I was sent the box to review and as soon as it arrived I was blown away by how cute it was and how much effort had been to make it super desirable and ‘pinterest worthy’.  Some beauty boxes just bung a load of minis in a box without any nice packaging and this feels like so much time and
thought has gone into it.

The theme of this box is called ‘Sweet Little Somethings’ which is reflected in everything from the
outside of the box to the packaging to the colours of the gel polish.

Candy Coat Monthly Nail Box


Candy Coat Monthly Nail Box



Candy Coat Monthly Nail Box

There are so many things in the box I was blown away, from manicure tools, swatch sticks so you can test out the colours, nail art glitter, beads and crystals and even an emoji pin badge which I love!

The gel polish itself

Akin to a Gelish or Gellux polish, so thicker in texture than Shellac for example although the thickness does tend to mean it lasts 3 weeks rather than 2 which is always handy. Everything you need is in the box including a base and top coat.  You will need to purchase a UV or LED lamp.  The curing times are 2 minutes for each coat with a UV lamp or 30 seconds with an LED lamp.

The Colours

These are really cute and that goes with the theme of the box.   I do prefer a dark colour or a red which is why the swatches are not on my own hands this time.  I work in a corporate environment so I didn’t think I could get away with wearing any of these for 3 weeks at work.

Candy Coat is definitely a great product in my opinion.  It’s a good idea if you are trying to build up your gel polish collection in a cost effective way.  You only get candy coat branded polishes  so you are aware of the quality.  You don’t have to subscribe,  buy a one-off box if you prefer.  A nice option as not everyone has the money for a subscription each month.


You can find out more info about Candy Coat Gel Subscription Boxes here  The box costs £18 which is a  bargain.  They do ship worldwide although the postage means that it costs more.

You can also follow them to see more  here or on  Instagram,Twitter and Facebook.