eBAY Beauty Bargains

Ebay Beauty Bargains

eBAY Beauty Bargains 

1. LyDIA Face Foundation Buffer £2.99

This is a very short haired flat top buffing brush, unlike any others I own.  It’s made of synthetic hair, so cruelty-free.  The brush gives impressive results for buffing in liquid foundation and concealer.  Used for highlighter or contour, this puts the product exactly where you want it due to the density of the bristles.  I don’t think this is a famous makeup brush dupe, but let me know!

2. Marc Jacobs Dupe ‘The Bronzer” £2.19

If you’re looking for a dupe of Marc Jacobs’ £52.00 The Bronzer brush then look no further.  This is almost identical!  I can see why the original is popular!  This is extremely soft and applies blush or bronzer like a dream.

3. Artis Oval Brush Dupes  £1.19 – £8.99

The Artis brushes are gorgeous but out of most people’s price range.  I’ve tried a few eBAY dupes over the last month and the linked shop have the best quality I’ve found.  I have three of their brushes, for my foundation, powder, and concealer.  I’ve been using them almost daily and for the price, the quality is amazing and blending is effortless. Using these to contour means the hollow of the cheek and cheekbone area don’t look obvious as it gives an airbrushed finish.

4. Silicone Makeup Brush Cleaning Matt £0.99

A bargain silicone makeup cleaning device that’s so easy to use I’ve been washing my brushes far more.  It has a suction cup on the back so you can stick it to the side of your sink to make brush cleaning simple.  Almost the same as the sigma makeup cleaning matt which costs £20!

5. Anna Sui Dupe Butterfly Makeup Brush Holder £2.38

Anna Sui makes the cutest black makeup accessories like brush holders and tissue holders.  I’ve always coveted them but never wanted to spend £12 plus as I need at least four holders.  This brush holder is almost identical! I was so excited I ordered four immediately.  If you fancy something different to the usual blogger glass holders then take a look.

6. Brush Cleaning Sponge Tin £1.75

This ingenious product was brought to my attention by Makeupsavvy who was also the inspiration behind this post.

If you’re applying an eye makeup look with a few different colours this will be a lifesaver.  Just rub your brush over the sponge in the handy tin casing and voila!  The colour transfers to the sponge and  you are free to change colours without any colour transference.

Do you buy beauty products on eBAY?