Rave Review – Korres Materia Herba Anti Ageing Products

These products work so well, I was actually astounded. Normally I think eye creams and anti ageing creams are a load of rubbish. I have used so many that just did nothing at all, and they have these ridiculous claims about how they reduce wrinkles and they don’t they just lie! Materia Herba is Korres’ first organic line and I love it!

Please bear in mind that I am 25 and have very few fine lines, but if an anti ageing cream can’t even help THAT then how on earth is it going to help someone say of 60 years old? There is clinical data to back their anti ageing claims up which is also impressive.

CLINICAL STUDIES (for the facial moisturiser)

In vivo clinical studies showed that the final product:

• reduces wrinkles by 10% (reparative action)
• increases skin hydration by 59.3% after 2 hours (immediate moisturising effect)

Materia Herba Anti Ageing Moisturiser in Normal to Dry

Price: £36 for 30ml

Packaging: Very functional white tube, looks more medical than beauty product. Love the pump, two pumps is perfect for face and neck which I would definitely recommend doing.

Skin tone improvement: My skin tone has improved immensely, I am less dry, more even toned and a lot smoother. I have had comments on my youtube channel about my skin, I never had that before.

Moisture improvement I have not used any steriod or eczema cream on my face since using this

How long is skin moisturised Absolutely the entire day!

Scent and colour Bit of a marshmellow scent, colour is just a natural whitish colour

Korres Materia Herba Anti Ageing Eye Cream

Price: £39

Packaging:  A squeezy tube much like other eye creams, great for squeezing out a tiny amount as that’s all you need

Skin tone improvement: Exactly the same as above, no dryness at all since using and fine lines have been minimally reduced

Moisture improvement So much more moisturised it is amazing and makeup applies so much better

How long is skin moisturised All day, I love this cream so much it is better than any eye cream I have used before

Scent and colour No scent and the cream is white

Clinical data
In vivo clinical studies 1 showed that the final product:

• increases skin hydration by 65.2% after 2 hours (immediate moisturising effect)
• the moisturising effect was maintained after 8 hours

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I recommend these Korres Materia anti ageing moisturiser and eye cream absolutely 100%. I was sent them by a PR to review, but would happily send them the money cos I love these products more than any skincare I have ever tried.

I have no idea if they will work on all skin types but if you are dry like me I would definitely give them a go a I have been so impressed/shocked. The range also contains cleansers and moisturisers for both dry and oily/combo skintones, so something for everyone.

I only have one other moisturiser on the horizon to test and that is Origins a perfect world SPF25 which I am very interested in as it contains an SPF. But unless that is a miracle worker I will be back to this one like a flash. I am sticking with the eye cream.