Guest Blogger Tor from That’s Peachy Reviews Eldora False Lashes

Hi everyone, I’m Tor from thatspeachy

This post is a review on Eldora handmade false lashes, number D141.

I wore them on Monday night when I went to Newcastle to see Boyz II Men. I was waiting for a special occasion to wear them, as they eyelashes are really fancy with gold glitter on them… a little too extravagant for everyday wear!

Initial thoughts about the lashes was that they are stunning! They have great length, and I love the cross over effect, rather than them just being straight, this makes them more special for a night out.

The packaging is pretty nice, they would definitely stand out well on a shelf in a shop. The lashes were easy to remove from the packaging too, I have had lashes which lost their shape when I removed them from the plastic, but with these this wasn’t the case at all.

Application of the lashes was simple, I used my own eyelash glue and carried out the usual steps. The lashes were the perfect size for me, so they didn’t require any trimming down. They were also flexible enough to shape to my own eyelid really easily. Once I had applied both lashes I added a little mascara (although not right to the tips as I didn’t want to make them any longer), just to bond my lashes to them a little better, and on my bottom lashes to even out my eye.

They were pretty comfortable to wear, they did feel slightly heavy on my eyes at first, but I guess that’s just because I haven’t worn any false lashes in a while… I was soon fully adjusted though, and completely forgot I was wearing them!

These lashes in particular didn’t overpower my face, they were noticeable, but not completely in your face, which is what I like. They also have a really natural curl to them, so with my eyelashes curled, they blended together really well. The gold glitter on them gave that little bit extra of needed sparkle for them for my night out.

I received quite a few complements from my friends on my eyes, and how great the lashes looked on.

When I got home from the night out, the lashes were still completely intact, I had been wearing them for around 9 hours, so I was very impressed.

I just used a small amount of my usual eye makeup remover and they came straight off. Once I had removed them, I was very happy to see that they were still totally in one piece, and definitely in good enough condition to use again and again.

I think these lashes are a bargain at only £4.90 per pack.

They have some amazing and gorgeous styles on the website too, available in synthetic or human hair! You can check them out here:

They also give 10% discount on orders of £10 or more, 20% off orders of £35 or more, and free delivery on orders of £20 or more!

I just want to say thank you for reading my guest post, and a big thank you to Sarah for letting me crash her blog for the day!

Thank YOU Tor xx