Jessica GELeration Nails Review

Yesterday I went to the beauty salon called Indulgence Beauty as I had received an email last week about Jessica GELeration Nails and how, as it was a brand new treatment, they were offering it for £30 for the month of July.  The rest of the review is about the treatment itself but on another note I would highly recommend the salon especially the manicures and hot stone massages and the staff are friendly, I always enjoy it there.

I was interested to try Jessica Geleration as they are a cross between a long lasting nail varnish, and a gel nail.  After my acrylics disaster and the fact that I used to get a lot of comments telling me my nails were ugly I decided not to get extensions any more but despite owning all of the ‘best’ topcoats and base coats my manicures never last longer than 2 days without chipping, which infuriated me.

It comes in these black nail polish style bottles

The new Jessica gel-polish manicure needs no prep, other than to wipe the nail, it’s painted on like a varnish, is set under UV in minutes; is also removed in minutes with a special soak-off solution. The product is based on their now-discontinued Coat of Armour formula, which is a mix of resin and polymer combinations that gives it a gel-like wear and lends strength to the natural nail. Also, like all Jessica polishes have been for years, way before many other ranges, they are free of formaldehyde, toluene and DBP.

As far as I can tell this is Jessica’s answer to Shellac which I haven’t personally tried as I don’t think any of the salons do it near me.

Here they are


The bonuses of using this system are

♥ You can paint over the colour and remove it with polish remover again and again
♥ It doesn’t chip or fade
♥ It lasts 3-4 weeks
♥ There are no infills you just get it removed quickly at the salon and you can either go home or have it redone
♥ There are 26 colours to choose from with more being developed
♥ You can have tips put on if you want to but you don’t have to (and I didn’t)
♥ You leave the salon with dry nails!

I will update after having them on for a while and we shall see if they last 3-4 weeks.  So far I am impressed and love that they are so shiny.  Nobody could tell that they were gels as it just looks like I have nail polish on and my entire manicure took less than an hour and I loved that I walked out of the salon with completely dry nails so no risk of chipping them when paying for the manicure!

I am really excited about this development in anti-chipping, are you?
There isn’t any information up at the moment on their website but I presume there will be soon: jessicacosmetics