Nail Rock Nail Wraps – They Really Do Rock!

As a salon nail covering Minx and Incoco have some beautiful designs.  But the nail art can often cost £20 or upwards for a manicure or pedicure and a lot of people just don’t have that kind of money at the moment. 

Step in Nail Rock!  They have perfected the at home nail wrap that costs just £6.50 and can be bought from ASOS, Topshop, River Island or Lipsy and are perfect for creating an amazing animal print or metallic look even if you (like me) are totally rubbish at Konad or other nail art skills.

Each packet comes with a sheet of 24 different nail sticks such as above which can be cut to size and the application procedure is easy peasy.

  1. File your nails or toe nails into shape and remove any polish
  2. Buff the shine off the natural nail so the sticker can adhere
  3. Find the best fitting sticker and cut it to size if necessary
  4. Place the Nail Rock sticker on your nail then blast with a hot hairdryer (low setting) until it starts to melt
  5. Smooth and press onto your nail
  6. File off any excess at the end of the nail 

Nail Rock update their designs every season and at the moment they have some gorgeous lace and Giraffe print designs and metallic gold and silver. There is also a set available that includes one set of animal print and one set of chrome print so you could have an accent nail if you wanted to.

I went for the pink animal print version for my tootsies.

I think these are fabulous for a special event or for when you want your toes to last and last as they can apparently last on the toes up to 8 weeks so great for on holiday.

They cost £6.50 for a single set or £10 for a set of design plus a set of metallic chrome nail wraps.

The Nail Rock Designer Nail Wraps should last for at least a week on the fingernails as well so I definitely recommend these and will be buying some more and different designs to review soon.

Find out more on the Nail Rock website or buy from ASOS, Lipsy or River Island

What do you think about the nail wraps?  Do you think they are cool or tacky?  Let me know!