What is Threading?

I get my eyebrows threaded every 6 weeks or so and am always surprised when I am there as there are so many people gawking at you when you get it done, so I am presuming there are a lot of people who have no idea what threading is or why it’s good?

What is threading?
Threading is an ancient method of hair removal.  It has always been popular with women from Indian and Middle Eastern countries but these days is so easy to find that there are salons offering it in most towns and in large department stores like House of Fraser and Selfridges. It really picks up the hair on your face and eyebrows well and is the easiest way I have found to have perfect shaped eyebrows.

How does it work?
Threading therapists use a thin cotton thread which is often crossed or doubled over and twisted.  The hairs are caught as the twisted thread is rolled over the skin.  Your skin isn’t yanked at as much as with waxing and it is a lot quicker than tweezing as the thread picks up the hairs in a line so it grabs more hair at a time than with tweezing.

That sounds a bit painful though?
I won’t lie it is a bit painful!  However afterwards the redness tends to subside very quickly unlike when I get waxed and my skin gets bright red and sore.  

So why do you get it done then?

  • I now only have to get my eyebrows threaded every 6-7 weeks when previously when I was plucking or waxing it grew back within 4 weeks.  This makes it more cost effective and I think in time the hair will weaken even more so I can leave it longer;
  • The shape is the best it has ever been and I really like how my eyebrows look now;
  • The price is reasonable and they always give you a loyalty card so after 6 you get one free;
  • It is very quick, never taking longer than 10 minutes;
  • All that is used is a cotton thread, so you can’t have any allergic or sensitive reaction to it.

Where have you tried?
Shavata at Mansion House,  House of Fraser which at a cost of £24 and rather painful (I am sure Shavata herself is amazing but I just had one of the regular staff) and it was the most painful I have ever had. I wouldn’t go back as it wasn’t worth the money at all.

Indulgence in Bexleyheath is a local salon and for the price of £10.00 it was a great threading. Definitely not the best I have ever had but it was nice to lie down on a massage table in a soothing room and it was a whole lot better than the experience at Shavata.

Glow is my second favourite, they are the threaders that are located in House of Fraser stores and my particular favourite is the London Victoria branch. At £14.00 I think they are extremely well priced for the service they provide and should definitely be considered the one to go to if you don’t have a Blink brow bar near you.

My top threading location is Blink at Selfridges or Space NK.  A 15 minute threading session costs £17.00 and they also have a number of other services  available such as waxing, eyelash or brow tinting and eyelash extensions.

Blink can also be found at Westfield,Terminal 5 in Heathrow, Bristol, Manchester and Birmingham.

Overall they offer the best service, the best shaping and the nicest therapists I  have found.  They are always kind and you get a soothing eyebrow massage with some sort of cooling thing so I never walk away with red eyebrows.  

What I like about the shape is that even without any brow product or me even brushing them through the shape is OK if I have to rush out.  I normally wear eyebrow pencil or powder and darken them but sometimes you just need to nip to the shops without doing anything to them.

Have you ever had your eyebrows threaded?  Or perhaps another area, they do any area on the face.  Would you give it a go?