What are HD Brows? Info and HD Brow Palette Review

HD Brows have caused quite a stir recently among celebrities and I must admit I have got caught up in the hype myself.  I have a thing for eyebrows.  I really like mine when they are looking good and I always look at other people’s eyebrows and often stare like a right old loony. Here is a before and after of the treatment.


HD Brows is quite an exclusive brand.  I would love to do the training but it is very expensive, and very thorough (which is good obviously) gotta save the pennies.

The training is two full days long and includes a lot of practical work so the therapists are supervised so they can get it right.  I like that they are trained thoroughly but I am guessing it’s because Nilam Patel and her team (pictured above) have their reputation on the line so want their trainees to do well and make the brand strong.

Nilam Patel is the Co-Director and Head Trainer and has a 19+ year career in beauty.  She has worked with many Hollywood A-listers and on TV and Music Videos.  She decided to share her talents and HD Brows was born!  She works alongside her sister and Karen Betts who also have many years experience in beauty.


The HD range has some retail items and one of the retail items is their eyebrow palette.  The palette consists of six matte shades with a sponge applicator and a double ended brush applicator.

I found the powders to be pigmented, smooth to apply and easy to blend.  The colours are easily mixed together to make even more shades and once they are on they aren’t going to rub or smudge off which is great s I always worry about rubbing my eyebrow and it coming off!


This is by far the best eyebrow palette I have ever used and definitely the best product.  I normally use a pencil by Benefit which is great to use if you are in a rush but this makes your eyebrows look more natural and more defined.

I just did one eyebrow in the picture below so you can see the difference between my eyebrow normally and then once I have applied the powder, I mixed the two middle colours to get my shade.

Express eyelashes are courtesy of Alison at BeautyDenn

Please do let me know if you have had the salon treatment and what you thought of it. I am trying to find someone near me who offers the service as going to Selfridges every few weeks for my Blink appointments is a bit of a mission!

Overall I would give the HD Brow Palette 10/10 as it covers everything you could possibly want from an eyebrow palette.

Palette costs £24.99 and is sold in the salons where the treatment is done or stockists are shown here at www.hd-brows.co.uk

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