Naked Skin New Range from Naked Bodycare

Naked Body care is a line of body product that I really enjoy using and enjoy giving or suggesting to other people to buy because the products smell lovely, they are all around 97% natural ingredients, they use recyclable packaging and none of their products are tested on animals. Bearing in mind the minimal price AND the fact that you can buy these online and in Boots (and you can’t walk round the corner these days without falling into a Boots) so they are very accessible.

I was dead excited to test these products out as my skincare routine has been the same for ages (Korres, Bioderma,Origins…more Korres) that I thought a change would be good anyway.

I was sent the Perfect Getaway Cream Cleanser, with aloe vera, cocoa butter and ginseng, Bare Faced Cheek Softening Face Wash with rose oil and Thirst Aid moisturiser with argan and neroli oil and shea butter.

Perfect Getaway Cream Cleanser £4.49

This white cream cleanser is absolutely delicious smelling and very soothing and moisturising.  I used it with face cloth I have from the body shop that is like a mini flannel, I rub it into the skin using one side then wipe off with the other, then splash with some cold water to remove any residue.  You could also use this with cotton wool or a muslin cloth.  It is clinically tested for sensitive skin (although what kind of sensitive skin?) and is fragrance and alcohol free. Please bear in mind that fragrance free just means that it hasn’t got any added fragrances, so it does still smell of the natural ingredients, so don’t expect a scent free product.

It does still contain glycerin, Linalool and Limonene which you may want to avoid as while they are still natural they might be something you don’t like using.

Personally for the price and the quality I was very impressed with this, you definitely need to use a toner or splash with water after to get rid of residue as leaving it on the skin left me a bit clogged but as long as it’s washed off it’s a great cleanser and got off all of my makeup. Note, I do not wear waterproof mascara so can’t comment on whether it removes that well or not.

Overall 8.5/10

Bare Faced Cheek £4.49

This softening face wash was my clear favourite out of the three products.  I adore things that are scented with rose and rose oil and I love a good face wash.  I only used it in the morning not to remove makeup.  The natural oils it contain are geranium, rose, palmarosa, orange peel and seed oil.  I found this cleansing without it stripping my skin of moisture at all. My skin can be very dry but does get a bit oily around the tzone in the night due to my copious slapping on of serums and lotions and potions but this is fab at getting rid of that morning sheen!

Overall 9/10

Thirst Aid £7.49

Overall this was my least favourite product to review and the reason is simply due to my own personal skin.  I absolutely adore the use of shea butter on my skin but the skin on my face is so thin and sensitive I just don’t think it can deal with the richness of shea and my skin was quite congested on my nose when I used this but I have to use moisturiser on my nose or it becomes very dry and flaky.  I do love using this cream on my lips and on my hands and body, it smells gorgeous and the starflower and argan oils leave my skin super soft and silky, just personally not something that I am able to use on my face.

The cream smells very fresh and while feeling rich it does sink into the skin very quickly.  Personally I much prefer a tube rather than a tub just for sanitary reasons so make sure you wash your hands thoroughly before dipping you fingers in to prevent bacteria growing in your creams.

Overall 6/10

You can purchase all of their new skincare online on their website Naked Skin or from Boots.

I hope this review of some of the new Naked Skin range of facial skincare products is useful.  Please let me know if you have any other questions xx