Nioxin Hair Products Review

When I got my hair extensions put in I started using a really gentle range as suggested by my hairdresser and the products are all by Nioxin.

I bought the Cleanser for fine hair, Deep Repair Hair Masque and Bliss Thermal Protector.  I have been using them all for a couple of weeks now so here are my thoughts.

Nioxin Cleanser for Fine Hair

I really love this shampoo. From the huge bottle you get from the price to the smell it is brilliant.  Nioxin is a specially formulated product that gently cleanses and removes toxins, residue and Dihydrotestosterone. There are eight different Nioxin systems that are designed to meet the needs of each hair type. Systems 1-4 are designed for fine, natural or chemically treated hair and work by energizing your scalp and hair with daily care. These systems add volume and a thickening effect to improve the appearance. I definitely recommend this for those people like me with very thin natural hair.

The scent of this shampoo is very similar to another of my favourite products Xen Tan’s minty exfoliator.  This shampoo is really really zingy and minty and smells just like toothpaste.  The colour is a bright aqua green too.

The shampoo lathers an average amount and is very very gentle.  I can’t use conditioner now on the top of my head and my hair still looks lovely and shiny and soft.  It rinses out really easily and hasn’t made my hair colour fade at all.  

Nioxin Deep Repair Hair Mask

This hair mask is a penetrating deep conditioner which I wanted as obviously the hair extensions are going to be dryer than normal hair and this restores moisture to areas of the hair where it may have become damaged or over-processed.  I like the results of this conditioner but I do find it a bit thick and gloopy and sticky, plus leaving it on for five minutes can be a bit of a pain just standing around in the shower like a lemon. 

It does really improve the hairs softness and strength so for that reason I would probably repurchase. 

Nioxin Bliss Thermal Protector

I have been using this as a heat protection spray to moisturise the ends of my hair when I straighten it, it has a bit of a vague smell but I like it!  This also a detangler which is handy since I still have to get used to having so much hair.  It protects your hair from heat damage and it really does work, my hair is really soft afterwards not crispy, much better than the Label M and Tresemme ones I used before.  I will say though, don’t go for the massive bottle of this like I did, as it didn’t come with a pump spray which was a massive pain in the bum! Get the smaller pump bottle its much easier.

Overall I think a massive thumbs up is due to Nioxin who  have some really fab products and, although a little pricey, can be bought online from places like Bathandunwind and Lookfantastic or even Amazon.  I got the shampoo from the hairdresser and the other two from Lookfantastic.

What hair treats have you found recently?