Glitzy Lips

If you liked the Violent Lips I reviewed a couple of days ago then check these out!  Glitzy Lips are a lip foil product to give you totally blinging smackers.  They come in all of these colours

Basically you apply the special (lip approved) adhesive to your lips and wait a couple of minutes for it to go tacky, just like fake eyelash glue, then you stretch out your lips in a sort of eeeeeeeee shape and then smooth the foil from the roll onto your lips, smooth, smooth then pull off! Do the top lip first then the bottom and you can fill in any gaps by repeating the glue and foil process.

The foils last up to 8 hours and will be fab for clubbing – image yourself on new years.

You can find out more information here  and you can also get these applied in lots of salons as they are being distributed by the same people that distribute Shellac, so you can either buy a box as a retail item, or just try them as a one off and have them applied for you.  

I have been debating stocking these for clients and wondered what you think? I value your input!