Eyebrow Tint and Shape – How To Do It Yourself

Just think of the pain that I went through growing my eyebrows for this tutorial!

To tint and shape your eyebrows at home you will need a few things which I will list below. I am hoping this might help people who are scared of salons, can’t afford to get them done or people who just want the HD eyebrow type look at home.

Cotton buds
Damp cotton rounds/pads
(I used a kit from Ellisons but you can use Eyelure Dylash if you don’t have access to a wholesaler or if you do I recommend buying Refectocil)
Dappen dish or shot glass
Eyebrow brush
Old mascara brush or angled eyeliner brush to apply tint.

Damp cotton rounds/pads
Aloe vera or rose water

You tint your eyebrows before you shape them, or so I was taught anyway.  This helps you define the shape of the brows using the tint which makes it easier when you shape them.

First use oil free makeup remover all over the brow area or alternatively do this just after having a shower. Then use your eyebrow brush to brush them into shape.

You will need to apply Vaseline around the outside of the brows under, over around the edge and in the middle between the brows, this is a barrier so the tint doesn’t go on the skin.

Mix up your tint according to the instructions on the tube/packet. I used 2cms of brown tint, 1 cm of black tint and 5 drops of developer and mixed it all up in my dappen dish with a stiff eyeliner brush until it was fully mixed.  You then apply the tint starting at the end of the eyebrow and working inwards painting it on, this is to get into the roots, then from the inner part work backwards painting along and smoothing down.  You can either do one eyebrow at a time or both together, if you are blond I would do one at a time so you don’t end up too dark.  I paint mine on, set the timer for 1 minute before I wiped it off. It looks like this whilst it’s on.

Once the time is up then use the damp cotton pads to wipe the brows until the pads come off clear.  That’s the tint done.

Tint is done, shaping still to be done



You can buy eyebrow stencils which I recommend if you are new to doing this.

For example Anastasia, Shavata and Ardell all do different ones which look similar.

If you are measuring them out yourself begin by using pencil – try something bright or white so it’s easy to see.

Using this diagram but use your brush where the pink line is used, and then make a mark at 1, 2 and 3 with you pencil so you know where the brow should start, finish and where the arch should be. Your arch should always be two thirds of the way from your inner eyebrow.  You can then trace your shape in with your white eyeliner pencil and anything outside of that line needs to be plucked. Try not to go too mad the first time!

My favourite tweezers for beginners are: the tweezerman slanted tweezers as they are very sharp and easy to use.  These will last you for years and years so are a good investment and come in around £15-20 depending on the design.

Pluck underneath the eyebrows by holding the skin taut grabbing a hair between the tweezers point bits, squeeze then pull in the direction of hair growth – not against it – this is not waxing! Pull deftly and keep a good hold to ensure the root comes out too.
Once you have plucked then wipe the eyebrows over with a damp cotton pad then apply a thin layer or aloe vera gel or rosewater to soothe and calm any redness.

And you’re done!
Any questions please ask, or if you would like to see any other at-home tutorials then let me know. Hope you had a lovely Sunday