Lynx Attract for Women Review

When I received the Lynx attraction sample I can’t deny, I did think it was just a dodgy gimmicky product that I would be unlikely to ever use.  Fast forward a couple of weeks but not only do I use it every morning, the girls in the office have borrowed it too and the general consensus is, it smells pretty good! 

It has a nicer scent than those impulse style body sprays and the twist around cap is great for slinging in your handbag or gym bag so the spray doesn’t just accidentally go off.  The description of the scent is ‘A vibrant colourful mixture of succulent fruit creates an enticing fusion while floral notes leave a feminine accord. ‘Bottom notes of wood, musk and vanilla give the fragrance a sheer creaminess.’

Personally I thought it smelled like cucumbers, which I like, and it definitely smells fresh and clean so great for a post gym spritz.

I have to be honest I think the packaging is terrible, the A in a circle looks like a pair of boxer shorts! I think keeping the entire can pink might have looked nicer.  I am not sure what the men’s Attract version smells like but I do find it amusing that the 48 hour technology isn’t mentioned on the women’s can just the men’s – I guess they are presuming that women do tend to wash at least every other day! Overall I think this is an 8/10 as it is a deodorant and a body spray in one, is cheap and cheerful and the can is quite large so it’s good value at only £2.99 for one or at the moment £5 for two in

What do you think? Would you wear Lynx?