Semi Permanent Makeup Correction and Removal

Lorena’s Corrective Work – click to enlarge

When semi permanent make up goes wrong, like the pic to the left,  the consequences can be dire. The reasons for wanting semi permanent make up removed can vary from bad work to simply not feeling comfortable with the results but how do you know if the person who is doing your semi permanent makeup in the first place is any good or qualified?  How do you know what salon or person to go to?

I met with Lorena from Derma Eraze who specialises in doing and correcting permanent makeup and we had a discussion about semi permanent makeup and the corrective work which Lorena is well known for.  

I started to feel quite emotional once I realised how the bad tattooing had affected some of the clients that had come to Lorena to get her to help them,  especially when she showed me some of the horrendous pictures of some of the poor ladies as they had come with such awful eyebrows that had been done elsewhere.  Honestly some of them were just like marker pen straight lines, others were wonky, missmatching, one higher than the other oh my they were atrocious! A couple of women had even gone to a regular tattoo parlour to get their eyebrows tattoed! It is a totally different style of work doing semi permanent makeup to a barb wire leg tattoo! They looked horrific.

Natural look hair stroke brows

I decided then and there to do a separate blog post to my skin needling review about semi permanent makeup and I asked the ever so sweet Lorena if she would provide some information so anyone reading this can ensure that they know what to look out for i they are thinking of this treatment which she was very happy to do so here is here advice:

Over to you Lorena! 

Please remember that a tattoo is permanent and a lot of the cowboys are doing this work with permanent ink!  So if you’re thinking of going down the semi permanent make up route here are a few things to look out for.

  • PRICE!!! OK, it’s a recession, but your face is not where you want to be saving money.  I don’t know of any competent semi permanent make up technician that charges under £300.  Anyone that charges under that is cutting corners.  The initial investment to do this job when we pay for training, equipment, insurance, council inspections and pigments is easily £20,000.  There are various people charging as little as £50 to £100!  Its these people that most of my correction work comes from.
  • Do not let anyone use tattooing pigments on your face. Ever.  Fashions change and the eyebrows that are in vogue today may not be the ones you want in 20 years (Lorena advises that semi permanent makeup eyebrows last about 5 years).
  • Check that they have Professional Indemnity Insurance.  Any serious technician will have insurance and its there to protect you should anything go horribly wrong. 
  • Facilities need to be inspected by the council to ensure that they are sanitary.  A certificate will be visible.
  • This is not a job that can be done properly on a mobile basis.  I have done this in the past with my family overseas and it’s difficult to get the right angles without a couch and stool.  I tattoo them at their own risk!
  • In this business your work is only as good as your equipment.  Digital machines are expensive but a necessity.  A technician that does not have a digital machine should not be allowed near your face.  DO NOT let anyone with a tattoo gun near you!  You will know a digital machine because the needles come in a sealed cartridge and its all one part.  If you see your technician fiddling with individual needles and parts, this is not a digital machine.
  • This job is an art form and as such make sure you see a portfolio of their work to make sure that their style suits what you want.  Styles vary and what suits one person does not suit another.  Some technicians cater to what I call the “glamour” market (think WAGS).  This suits younger trendier clients.  I am more of a reconstruction specialist.  So you would come to me if you wanted eyebrows that no one will know are tattooed.  I work with cancer and alopecia patients as well as anyone that has over plucked and want natural looking eyebrows back.  It’s down to your individual taste.
  • Disclaimer forms.  Technicians need to protect themselves but don’t sign anything you’re not comfortable with. (and I would add – make sure you read them properly).
  • The shape is the most difficult part of the procedure.  This is NOT the time to be shy.  I do a lot of correction work and half of the people I get through my door come with flawless work, only the shape is not what they wanted.  They felt pressurized into it.  Getting the shape right, even for an experienced technician like me can take easily an hour.  You need to be over the moon with the shape before you let anyone put a needle in you.  If you have any reservation of feel pressured in any way then walk out!  A responsible technician will never want to put a needle in you unless you’re 100% sure of every step of the procedure.   Its always a good idea to take a friend along with you to help making sure the shape is right.
  • You will be told that eyebrows are sisters and not twins…..yes….but…..lets face it, they do need to be very close……again, if you don’t think they’re the same, don’t let the technician tattoo.
  • The touch up is very important and should be included in the price.  This is your second visit where you make sure that the work is perfect.   We always play it safe on the first visit so you may decide they eyebrows are to light or too thin etc.  The touch up is when we get it right.  Also, you may lose some hair strokes when you heal.  This is your natural healing and not the technician’s fault.  Technicians are not responsible when the client does not return for a touch up, so make sure you go!

                        It can take me as long as two years to correct badly tattooed eyebrows and the expense can go into the thousands for the clients.  Worse still is the emotional effect it has on the person.  I have one lovely Muslim lady that had begun covering her face for the first time EVER.  It was very nice to see her leave my practice this week with her face in full view.  I hope this will keep some people safe from disaster!

                        Thanks again to Lorena, and I hope this helps anyone out there who is thinking of having this procedure and wasn’t sure what to look for.  If you fancy having Lorena doing your eyebrows and can easily get to Harley Street or Surrey then have a look here: