50 Things About Me

1. I used scottish dance, yes the full highland fling! 
2. I would love to go to the Blue Lagoon in Iceland.
3. I hate my surname. Entire name. So boring. 
4. Tea really needs to be made with a PG tips pyramid bag.
5. My favorite city break is Barcelona
6. I love cooking but cannot be bothered with presentation.
7. I  love popchips
8. The more people tell me to watch a tv series the less I want to.
9. The Rock is my secret crush.
10. I hate cheap shoes and bags.
11. I’m starting to wonder if I have slight ADHD (2017 update – turns out I was just hanging around with some boring ass people hence the lack of attention span hahaa)!
12. My drinks of choice is Ciroc vodka and tonic or wine. 
13. I love trashy books.
14. I hate magazines
15. I read the book The Secret and agree with it.
16. I hate following recipes, I like the slap it in approach.
17. I love watches.
18. I love gangster rap, hip hop and….salsa music. 
19. I can be very childish. Say 69 and I WILL giggle. (yeah that’s still true)
20. I hate the smell of lavender. (blergh)
21. I HATE tan accessories. 
22. I do not understand Mac computers. (2017 Sarah writes this blog on a MacBook air)!
23. Worst chore in the universe is doing the bins.
24. Bill Bailey is my favorite comedian.
25. I love the gym but running outside is my idea of hell.
26. I have trouble listening to music that I don’t like, it makes my skin crawl.
27. I think karaoke is the work of the devil. (because it is)
28. I can speak just enough Italian to get myself fed, drunk and party.
29. I eat porridge for breakfast nearly every day. (2017 – or a protein smoothie)
30. My first kiss was with my friend Clare’s next door neighbour. (Which should have taught me, never go out with anyone with the same name ever again. You live and learn)
31. I love dancing.
32. I get a bit upset when people cough or sneeze without a tissue. Vile.
33. I think my cat is gay 100% sexually attracted to cushions
34. I have lots of ‘internet friends’ including some I have met in real life.
35. I did a beauty qualification so I could do my own spray tan! (2017-and waxing, shellac, eyebrows and lashes)
36. I really hate lukewarm food. It’s hot, cold or nothing.
37. I’m scared of buying things on my credit card. (2017 – yeah got over that pretty fast haha)
38. I hate DIY and decorating. I do it, but I hate it. (I hate it more now)
39. I love being busy (not so much anymore, these days I am more busy than ever though so I suppose you always want what you can’t have)
40. October – December is my favorite time of year.
41. I hate people touching my hair/ears.
42. I hated school so much I would quite happily have bunked off every day
43. I wish I had a big family
44. If I had a daughter I would want to call her Madison.
45. I once stayed out so late that my mum called the police 
46. I love Cadbury Pinky bars from Australia
47. I love watching boxing or cage fighting.
48. I think they should make commuters take a test and if they are too annoying they can’t get a season ticket. (2017  – or if they are still reading a newspaper in this day and age. Google the news on your phone like a normal human being)!
49. I am all for banning the use of rucksacks. (2017 – maybe just banning the mowing people down with your rucksack part)
50. I would rather use the hairdryer on myself than put the heating on. (This is still one of my all time favourite things to do, try it… it’s definitely as weird as it sounds but you’re warm and can pretend to be beyonce in a music video at the same time).