Braun Face 810 Cleansing Brush and Mini Epilator

Braun Face 810 – Facial epilator & cleansing brush

I tried the Clarisonic out quite a while ago and unfortunately it was far too powerful for my sensitive skin and just rubbed it red raw, even with the sensitive brush head.  I have been on the lookout for a less abrasive facial brush as I really thought it would save time when I am in a rush as it will cleanse and exfoliate at the same time.  Why did I want one?  Well I believe that preparing your skin and having a good routine so you look passable without makeup means you use less makeup as you have a natural glow and a good base.

The Braun Face 810 isn’t just a facial brush, it is also an epilator, so it removes facial hair or cleanses your face depending on which head attachment you use.  At first I thought this seemed like a bizarre combination, but after using it for a few weeks it actually works out to be really handy.

What exactly do you get in the box

  • Braun Face machine
  • Cleansing brush head
  • Epilator head
  • Cap 
  • Small cleaning brush
  • AA battery
  • Little bag to keep it in.

The facial epilator is a machine which plucks the hair out at the root, so it is much quicker than manually plucking but leaves your skin less red than waxing or threading, which has been great for my eyebrows and any upper lip  hair, which I get paranoid that I might have.  The head is slim so you can be really precise about the hair you are removing and it captures the finest of hairs, down to 0.5mm in length, so basically even the tiniest visible hair will be gone after using this.

You can use the epilator on your chin, upper lip, eyebrows, even your forehead if your hairline causes you a problem.  I think this would be a great device for those with facial hair problems or PCOS as once you have bought the machine, it’s not going to be expensive to upkeep like laser or waxing.  You can also change the direction that the wand epilates so it’s perfect for both sides of the face, and for right or left handed people.  I have had great results using this on my upper lip, the sides of my hairline and between my eyebrows, the skin is so smooth afterwards foundation applies so much easier.

You simply switch the machine on, and move it backwards and forwards over the area to be plucked, it does hurt a little on the upper lip area for me, but so does laser, waxing, threading and manually plucking and it’s along the lines of the pain of all of the other hair removal treatments.

The facial cleansing brush is really easy to use, the brush gently oscillates but doesn’t whiz around at an alarming rate.  I massage my cleansing balm or oil onto my skin, wet the brush head with warm water and then use a circular motion with the brush all around my face and neck to loosen the makeup, I rinse the brush twice while doing this and then wipe my face with a flannel or muslin cloth soaked in warm water at the end, to get rid of all the cleanser, makeup, impurities and pollution.  My face is super clean after doing this.

I often use exfoliating AHA/BHA pads after my cleanser to exfoliate so I have been switching it up between using those and using the cleansing brush instead.  I really am seeing results with the combination of both products, I generally use the pads in the morning and the facial brush in the evening when I need to get all of my makeup off and don’t want to spend all day doing it.  It’s good to gently exfoliate after cleansing as then when you apply your serum or facial oil it can really get to work rather than sitting on a layer of dead or dry skin.

I am sure you could use this with great effect with any cleanser, but I don’t like using foaming facial cleansers as I don’t find them moisturising at all, and it works great with oil or balm cleansers.  You can apparently use the facial brush in the shower, personally I prefer to use it at the sink as there is a mirror so I can see what I am doing.  You only need to change the brush refill (Face 80) and it is recommended to change every 3 months max, to maintain top performance and hygiene.  After each cleanse I put some mild antibacterial hand wash on my hand and then rub the brush in that and then rinse until clean, just to make sure it’s always sanitary.


This is actually the best facial beauty electrical product I have ever tried, relatively painless and does exactly what I want it to do and not really that expensive especially baring in mind its dual usage.  I must say I am a bit surprised with how good it actually is and how useful it is having both products in one.  I am definitely looking forward to people creating more dual usage electrical or other beauty products in future, as it saves space, money and time.

RRP is £69.99 from Boots Boots Braun Face 810