Jessica Phenom Vivid Colour Nail Polish Review

Jessica Phenom Vivid Colour Nail Polish Review

Jessica Phenom Vivid Colour Nail Polish Review

Carrying on my series of reviewing some of the new nail varnishes that claim to look or behave like gel or gel polish, this fortnight I have been reviewing the Jessica Phēnom Nail Varnish.

I haven’t been a big user of Jessica nail products over the years but I have reviewed Jessica’s Geleration, soak off gel polish previously.  I was excited to learn about new Jessica Phēnom Nail Polish. It promises the colour and shine of a gel manicure but you can remove it with ordinary nail varnish remover. The Phēnom polish doesn’t need a
UV lamp and it dries within ten minutes. It can also last up to ten days.

I purchased some for myself on line.  You need to use a regular Jessica base coat and the Phēnom colour and topcoat. I went with the base coat for use after acrylic nails as I presumed it would be very nourishing and I went with Geisha Girl, a bright and classic red for the colour, there is only one topcoat choice.

How to Apply

I applied two coats of Jessica base coat and then two coats of the Phēnom polish and then the topcoat, allowing a few minutes or so between coats (mostly because I was watching YouNow and completely preoccupied).  After about 15 minutes my nails and they were completely dry.  They looked super shiny and perfect, just like using Shellac. On a side note is anyone else obsessed with YouNow?

Mostly all of my other reviews of long wear polishes are not very complimentary, because I have honestly found them to be useless. This polish is in a completely different league. I have tried it out twice now and once I got 7 days wear with no chipping and the other I got the full 10 days without chipping.  The polish stayed shiny and gel looking up until day 7 both times and then slightly faded. I presume it could be revived with an extra coat of topcoat but I was trying it for review so I didn’t add any more coats.

I am hard on my nails, considering this, I am incredibly impressed with the Jessica Phēnom range.  I  will definitely buy more colours. They are also perfect for toes, as who can be bothered to soak gel off their toes? It’s way too fiddly.

The removal was easy, as the colour I went for was red it did take a bit of scrubbing.  There was no staining and it came off with regular nail varnish remover, you just need to use a few more cotton pads than usual.


The length of time the varnish stayed on for was impressive, as was how quickly it dried.  I would recommend it completely.

You can buy the Jessica Phenom nail varnish and base coat here in the UK, for around £13.50.

 gerrard international and also from Lookfantastic.