Luxury Christmas Candle Review – Petits Rituels

Luxury Christmas Candle Review

You can’t beat the hypnotic flickering of a candle on a cold winter’s night to make you feel cosy and comforted.  I adore burning scented candles in the autumn and winter months .  Over the last few weeks I have stepped away from my usual candles.   I’ve been testing out a new candle that I was sent from the brand Petits Rituels.  At £35.00 for each candle I wanted to test this out for a while. before potentially recommending it.  As that is a fair amount of money and I only like to review products that I would buy myself.

The brand’s candles are 100% natural and their aim is for every single one of their ingredients to be 100% certified organic.   The candle I have is called By the Fire and is perfect for the winter months as it is scented with spicy cinnamon, clove, zesty orange and lemongrass so everything you would imagine a Christmas scent should be, without being a sickly sweet Christmas Food scent, which does makes a nice change and is infinitely more sophisticated.

The scent is heavenly and fills my whole apartment with its gorgeous perfume, not only that you are safe in the knowledge that there are no paraffin waxes or synthetic scents included and the wicks are 100% cotton which means that the candles burn clean with no air born toxins. The candle gives up to a 40 hour burn time and 10 hours of wax melt fragrance.

Tips for burning your candle

  •  The first time you use your  candle, allow it to burn for at least 3 hours.  This ensures a good melt pool is established and prevents the candle from tunnelling afterwards.
  •  Before lighting your Petits Rituels candle, they suggest you trim the wick by breaking it gently with your fingers.
  •  Each time you use the candle, repeat the wick trimming before re-lighting.. This prevents black soot from appearing when you want to burn the candle again.

Overall, from the classic white jar to the overall luxury quality and scent throw of the product.   I absolutely recommend the brand (and this candle in particular) for Christmas or to give as a lovely Christmas gift. There are also wax melts available for those that have tart burners/oil burners.

Buy for £35.00 here – Petits Rituels By The Fire