SmoothSkin Gold IPL Review after 3 Months Use

There are a number of IPL devices on the market for home hair removal. One of the most recent releases is the SmoothSkin Gold IPL machine by ipulse.  You can purchase this from Smoothskin’s website

The new SmoothSkin Gold machine is the fastest and most powerful Home IPL hair removal device on the market. They have also just announcing an upgraded device that has up to 200,000 flashes meaning it’ll last
even longer, which is quite exciting!

I think that’s important to take on board because there are lots of different IPL machines on the market these days with varying strengths and price tags but the fact that this does need to be plugged in and the fact that this means it is the most powerful machine on the market means you can see results quicker than if you’re using a lower power machine. As it’s a powerful device I should also mention that it’s also very safe to use at
home.  You can read my first blog post on the device whichtells you all of the details here.


Smoothskin Gold IPL Review


I used the machine once a week for 3 months on my underarms so I could give a really honest review, starting off with a low setting and moving to the higher settings over the weeks as the higher you go the more intense and the stronger the pulse will be so the better it will be at removing the hair.  I had planned on updating once a week but quickly realised that would have been quite monotonous and for the first three sessions I didn’t really notice any difference, so i decided an overview would be more useful.

Each week it took around 15 minutes to do my underarms, it’s easy to use and relatively painless although there is the odd zap feeling but even that isn’t too bad.  I have noticed a significant reduction in hair growth with some patches seeming not to be growing back at all and am really pleased with the results as I would say I have had a 60% reduction so far; I will continue to use this until hopefully all the hair is gone.


The Smoothskin machine

Does as it says and it works well.  It’s such a time saver not having to shave my underarms every time I am in the shower!   I’ve had soprano laser hair removal on my bikini line.  While that worked to remove all hair with a course of 12 treatments it did cost about £900 and, when you think that you can use this machine indefinitely until the flashes run out to treat most parts of your body to remove the hair, it is a significant money saver.  You could also share this with a flatmate or your boyfriend or husband as its unisex and easy to disinfect if you did want to share it to make it even more worth the money.

There are two different methods

Of using the machine to remove hair – the stamp mode and the glide mode.  For stamp mode just press against the skin, press the button, wait for the flash then move the device and repeat. For glide mode keep the activation button pressed down and glide the machine over the area you wish to treat. I find the stamp mode works for underarms best.  Glide would probably be better for larger areas such as the legs, forearms or back.

I’ve used lots of different IPL machines in the past with varying strengths and results.  This is an expensive machine.  You should really debate with yourself if you can afford to invest in it.  If you can then it’s a brilliant machine.   In my opinion the best on the market right now and I really do recommend it.