Cute & Cheap Workout Clothes From TK Maxx

Cute & Cheap Workout Clothes From TK Maxx

January is often the time of getting back into the gym and trying to be a more healthy.  Unfortunately, cute gym clothes can get so expensive. Who wants to pay £60 for some leggings they only wear for a few months?  Especially if your goal is to lose weight, after a short time and some hard work, those pricey pants won’t even fit!

Don’t Just Wear Ugly Baggy Clothes To Work Out

I don’t recommend wearing ugly baggy workout clothes and telling yourself you will save the money and buy cute ones when you lose weight/tone up.  If you have a little junk in the trunk or jiggle around the middle, good quality compression wear can make you feel much more confident.  It sucks everything in and means things don’t jiggle which can be uncomfortable.  A nice outfit will also give you a boost of confidence, because despite not being at your goal size, weight or health level, you still need to love yourself whilst you are on the journey.

So Where Do I Get Cheap Brand Name Workout Gear?

TK Maxx has so many nice and cheap items at the moment.  So I trawled through the online store this morning, to find my suggestions of some cute and cheap workout gear to help you look and feel great about your fitness journey.

Sports Bras

Always wear a supportive sports bra or you’ll hurt yourself, the boobs will sag or it will jus bloody hurt! Those with small boobs can get away with wearing a sports bras with thinner straps as they don’t need so much support. For those with bigger boobs, I recommend sticking to a thick strapped version for more support. I alternate between a compression crop top style one if I am doing weights or low-intensity cardio and a really strong one from Shock Absorber or Anita if I am doing anything high intensity like running. I didn’t find any of the hardcore ones on TK Maxx so for that I recommend Boobydoo.

Marika Black Sports Bra £9.99 – Link Here

Pro Fit Ombre Sports Bra £9.99 – Link Here

Pro Fit Pink Seamless Sports Bra £9.99 – Link Here

Puma Marble Sports Bra £12.99 – Link Here

Leggings / Yoga Pants

These are the comfiest bottoms to wear when working out.  If you have a tummy or you just like being comfortable, pick a pair with a thick waistband with as few seams as possible.  I prefer long length bottoms in case I have forgotten to shave my legs. But that might just be me!

New Balance Running Tights £16.99 Save £13 (43%) – Link Here

90Degree By Reflex Black Patterned Leggings £14.99 – Link Here

Kyodan Black Active Leggings £16.00 – Link Here 

90Degree By Reflex Floral Leggings £14.99 – Link Here

Layer 8 Black and Blue Pattern Leggings £14.99 – Link Here 

Mondetta Green Marl Performance Leggings £19.99 – Link Here

Nike Purple Leggings £29.99 (45% discount) – Link Here


My preference is a Tshirt with a v-shaped neck, so my boobs look normal and not like a uni-boob.  If the area you want to cover is your stomach there are lots of vests that are tighter at the top and more loose at the tummy area to be more flattering. TK Maxx does a plus size activewear range, I think that’s great, people should be able to find clothes to wear to work out whatever size they are! And if you’re one of those people with a banging bod who can pull off a crop top then you go, girl. I would if I had a six pack! If you don’t feel confident about your arms there are plenty of sweat-wicking tops that do have long sleeves. Great to avoid that underarm chub rub.

RBX Coral Pink Active Top £7.99 – Link Here

Kyodan Black Marl Active Wear Top £14.99 – Link Here

Under Armour Black Performance Tank Top £14.99 – Link Here

Elle Sport Long Sleeve Active Top in Blue £14.99 – Link Here

90Degree Pink Marl Performance Top £12.99 – Link Here

I hope you liked this Cute & Cheap Workout Clothes post. Have you started a new fitness routine this year or do you plan to?