Non Surgical Nose Job – Everything You Need to Know

A non-surgical nose job is also known as non-surgical rhinoplasty or nose filler.  The non-surgical nose job is achieved using a series of dermal filler injections.

Benefits of A Non Surgical Nose Job

There are many benefits to having a non-surgical nose job, rather than a surgical rhinoplasty.  I have listed just some of them below.

  • It can smooth out bumps and unevenness;
  • It can improve the profile of your nose so you look better from the side as well as the front;
  • You can make quite bold changes to the nose quickly, such as lifting the tip or helping a hooked nose;
  • The treatment is quick;
  • This treatment is reversible as dermal fillers can be dissolved;
  • The treatment is much cheaper than a traditional rhinoplasty or nose job;
  • If you plan to have a surgical rhinoplasty in the future it can give you an idea of the look you might be able to achieve;
  • It can restructure the shape of the nostrils;
  • There is minimal down time to the treatment;
  • You can make the tip of your nose appear more pointed;
  • You cam make your nose appear smaller;
  • The cost is relatively cheap, compared to a traditional rhinoplasty.

Who is Suitable for a Non-Surgical Nose Job?

A non-surgical nose job is the ideal solution if you are unhappy with the shape of your nose and do not want to have surgery.

A change but with a natural look can be created with fillers to subtly change the shape of the nose.

This is done by injecting filler into the nose, which can improve the overall appearance. For example, if you have a bump on the bridge of the nose.  Then, filler is injected above and below the bump to make the bump less noticeable.

A common issue is a ‘hooked nose’ which means the tip of the nose hangs or droops down. I had actually never realised that I had this issue! My main bug bear was the bump on my nose.

You can also treat a drooping or hooked nose with dermal filler.  This is done by injecting filler into the tip of the nose, giving you a lifted appearance.

How Does a Non Surgical Nose Job Work?

Nose fillers involve a series of small injections of dermal filler to the soft tissue in the nose to shape and contour.

Adding volume to your nose to make it look smaller or more straight might seem confusing. What it does is create an optical illusion in many cases.

For example if one nostril is lower than the other, filler can be added to make them more symmetrical. This will make the nose look smaller.

How Does The Actual Appointment Work?

You will start with a consultation with your Doctor or nurse to discuss your requirements and what they think can be achieved.

Once you’re in agreement about the results you’re going for and all related paperwork has been filled in and you’ve been given the OK to have the treatment, numbing cream will be applied to the area.

I have noticed that not all filler treatments will require numbing cream, and some practitioners offer it more often than others. I certainly needed numbing cream for my nose and I usually have a high pain threshold.  My opinion is, if they offer you numbing cream, just say yes!

Once the numbing cream has taken effect your practitioner will then assess where they will be making the injections and proceed.  They will normally keep checking with you throughout the procedure if you are ok or are in pain.  They will often give you a stress ball or similar device to squeeze as a distraction if you do feel pain.

I only felt pain in the tip of my nose when that was injected. It was a stinging sensation that made my eyes water rather than an intense pain, rather like how it would sting to have your nasal hair waxed.

How Long Does The Treatment Take and How Long Does it Last?

Injecting the filler takes around 10 minutes and the results will be instant although this will include some swelling, which takes a few days to go down. Most non surgical nose jobs are completed in two appointments around 2-3 weeks apart to ensure you are happy with the final result.

For example, if your nose is filled above a bump, you may be happy as the bump is no longer visible.  After two weeks when the swelling has gone down, the bump may appear noticeable again.  Therefore more filler would be injected which may not have seemed like it was initially needed.

Filler is metabolised by your own body so it dissolves naturally.  12 months is a ball park suggested time frame for it to last, as everyone’s body is different. Some practitioners say from 9 to 18 months, which I also think is fair.

Is There Any Down Time With a Non Surgical Nose Job

There can be bruising and swelling after a non surgical nose job.  I had swelling, but no bruising after the first session and the tip of my nose was sensitive for a week.

The second session did cause a bruise on the bridge of my nose which lasted about 10 days. It was not painful, and after 2 days I could hide it with makeup. Colour correcting with a peach, orange or red lipstick before using concealer, depending on your skin tone, can counteract the purple or blue of the bruise.

I was given anti histamine tablets to take immediately after the appointment to help with the swelling. I went to see my friend straight after the second appointment and I was totally fine but I recommend taking the antihistamines if they are given to you or, if not, as your Doctor or nurse if that is ok with them.

You can go back to work straight after having the procedure done but you may want to schedule it of an evening or weekend, just in case you get bruising.

What To Be Aware of Before a Non Surgical Nose Job

  • Do not consume aspirin, fish oil or vitamin E prior to your treatment.  These are blood thinning substances;
  • Do not schedule your treatment during the same week as a big event, as you may have bruising or swelling;
  • Do not have a non surgical nose job if you are pregnant or breast feeding.  It is not safe to undergo cosmetics injections during either time.

Do You Have to Avoid Anything After Having a Non Surgical Nose Job

It is recommended that you do not touch or rub the injection site for 24 hours after the treatment.  Keep it clean and do not apply any makeup.  Avoid wearing glasses or sunglasses for 2 weeks.

If you wear glasses daily for short or long distance it is recommended to wear lighter glasses or contact lenses for as long as possible to avoid the filler indenting.  Ideally for the two weeks after the treatment and the two weeks after the top up.

Avoid exercise, the gym and generally sweating for 24 hours after the treatment. Do not lie down or lean forward for 2-4 hours after the treatment.

Do not have a facial which includes facial massage on the nose, for at least 2 weeks after the treatment.

Avoid the sun, sun beds and alcohol for 24 hours after the treatment.

Can It Sort Out a Wonky Front Profile or Just a Side Profile?

Nose filler will predominantly help your side profile but can achieve a small improvement in your front profile.

Lifting the tip of your nose if it is hooked and evening out the nostrils if one is bigger than the other will definitely make a different to your front profile.

More substantial results are shown from the side profile as that is where bumps are most prominent.

Where I Went to Get My Non Surgical Nose Job

After researching all different types of practices in London I came across Aesthetic Clinic London on Instagram. I liked that there were hundreds of before and after photos available, there was a link so you can book yourself in easily online and prices are transparent.

There was also so many good reviews, patients sending her selfies to be used on their page and on Booksy and Trustpilot.  Far more reviews than you normally see for aesthetics which showed me that it was a good place to go.  People as a whole are far more likely to bother writing a review negatively and not bother at all to write a review if they are happy with their treatment, so the fact that there were so many was a great sign of many happy patients.

Please note that this was not a sponsored treatment, I paid for my treatment in full with no discounts and was a regular patient.

My Before and After Photos


My Review of Aesthetic Clinic London

Nasrin who owns the clinic is such a lovely and bubbly person.  She is very kind and professional and ensures you understand the treatment and the aftercare fully before starting any treatment.

Many clinics provide the price of a treatment in ml of filler being used, for example £290 for 1.1ml of filler.  But being the patient and not a doctor or nurse, with no idea of how much filler is likely to be used, it is hard to budget for the treatment without knowing.  Nasrin, pictured above, at Aesthetic Clinic sets her prices via treatment instead, which makes more sense to me.  You can see the price list here Aesthetic Clinic London Price List.  She has also just started Aesthetic Clinic London’s youtube channel which I think is a great idea.

Am I Happy With My Results?

I am sure you can tell from the before and after photos.  But yes I am very happy! I wanted to have this treatment 50% to fix the bump in my nose and 50% to have something to write about on the blog.  Funnily, it has ended up being on of the best treatments I have had done, and made a lot of difference to my face.

Excitingly, I have had quite a few compliments about looking nice, but nobody has specifically noticed that my nose has changed.  I think this is a great sign that the results are natural that nobody could exactly pinpoint what had changed.

It was a pleasure meeting Nasrin, she is such a nice person and gave me 5 star service, always lovely and caring. She is also very positive and uplifting, if that makes sense. I left her both times feeling energised.  I would definitely recommend having a treatment with her.

Aesthetic Clinic London is based at 54 Westbourne Grove, Notting Hill.  It can be reached easily from Queensway or Bayswater tube stations.

If you have any other questions please do write them in the comments and I will answer them asap.

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