Booking Botox With Booksy



As much as you (and I) might feel as if life has been one endlessly long month since March 2020. Lockdown in its various forms has actually gone on now for 16 months in the UK.  So in a post sponsored by the app Booksy, (which makes booking all your hair and beauty treatments really easy), I wanted to write about how to save time getting yourself  back to looking like yourself, post lockdown. 


Research has shown that many women have been noticing how much they had aged during lockdown, in comparison to a normal year. This probably isn’t helped by the hours we spend on screen forced to see ourselves on Zoom, Teams and all manner of other apps. It’s also not helped by beauty salons, aesthetics clinics and gyms being banned for use multiple times over the past 18 months. 

But we’re back, things are opening again, offices are getting back to business and I don’t know about you. I’m read to get back to looking like myself again. 

I wanted to write about Booksy because as a scheduling app it handles the stress of booking your appointments. You can download it from the App Store in a minute and then benefit from booking your hairdresser, nail tech or even botox provider 24 hours a day, seven days a week.  You don’t need to phone anyone, or remember what the opening hours are, you’re able to schedule a lot of your appointments at once. 

Just download the app, make yourself an account and then put in your location or the location of where you want to get your beauty treatments done.


Adding, modifying, and cancelling appointments only take a few calendar clicks. And all of those actions can be done on a smartphone, a tablet, or a laptop. So, Booksy makes it easier than ever for you to manage your schedule. And it helps you stay organised throughout the day.

booksy app

Another way that Booksy eases the stress of scheduling and booking appointments is through the COVID-19 features. These tools can help you book appointments with added ease and confidence.

Booksy business’ can easily let clients know safety is a top priority with the health and safety rules feature. This feature eliminates the need for salons to brief every client. It’s super reassuring as a client to know that the salon has put these procedures in place.


Using the Booksy app, businesses can also ask clients to complete a form before entering the shop or salon. Each electronic form helps business owners ask clients if they present any possible symptoms of COVID-19. Clients complete the form while booking an appointment. And this tool also helps make sure the booking process is just a little bit easier.


I’ve used Booksy a number of times before I was contacted to promote them, I used it to book myself in to Aesthetic Clinic London for botox and filler treatments and it’s really saved me time.

Many treatments I have booked via this app have been amazing! But just in case, check the reviews and ratings before booking using the app, it’s easy to do.  This really saves you time and saves booking somewhere that isn’t very good.

Have you ever tried using Booksy?