New Product Lust and Random Ramble

Considering I love nail varnish I was very peturbed to find out that you can get holographic nail varnish – it even has a nickname (Holos) and OPI has already done a range and it was in July!!! And I flipping missed it. Well I will not be missing this launch.

Nubar nail polish are launching their holographic collection called Prisms Collection in the USA on 1st January 2010 so I will try and get some on ebay but for now here are the stock photos. How cool are these?! If you click the pics they will get a lot bigger.

I have never used Nubar before but I am told they are good by Helen at just-nice-things

Another thing that I really want for 2010 is this sugarbomb by Benefit, no I don’t know what it does and no I probably don’t need it either, but since when did that ever stop me?  It looks to be along the same sort of  line as powderazzi.

There is a proper review of Sugarbomb here at Temptalia so I would check that out if the above picture interests you.

Right I am getting ready to go to the hairdresser in a few hours, just lugging my furniture around so I can do my Davina workout DVD as I don’t have time to go to the gym today.  If you are interested in workout dvd’s I recommend this one, Davina is kind of annoying but the workout is good and there are lots of different workout options to choose from:

There haven’t been many hauls lately as I have been at home with the BF who despite promising to go shopping with me in the sales and that we could do this and that over the holiday break basically just wants to stay at home and veg every single day, its nearly 10am and he is still in bed asleep today.  I just feel so bored if I am cooped up at home every day, like life is passing me by or something lol! 

Right wish me luck with the hair and I will see you later hopefully with a nice new hairdo. xx