Tesco Skin Boost Nourishing Hand Cream Review

I picked this tube of cream up on a whim whilst in Tesco for £2.99 and so far it is my absolute favourite hand cream I have ever used. It is macadamia nut and honey but comments I have had are “mmm you smell yummy” “wow what is that creme brulee” “is that Laura Mercier’s lotion”, I think it smells like hot baked waffles with a bit of creme brulee personally.

It says on the packaging “I will condition dry skin and keep your hands super soft” well it definitely does both of those things. It contains Vitamin E, Macadamia Oil and Honey.

I have used lots of hand creams over the years as I am a secretary (I have a poncy title but let’s call a spade a spade, I am not one to get above my station)! As you can probably guess I spend all day long typing and doing things with paper which makes my hands very dry, add to that my eczema, the fact that it’s winter and the fact that my gloves are fashionable but rubbish and you can imagine that without hand cream I would be looking quite crispy in the dry skin department.

This leaves my hands soft and smooth, is the perfect consistency (unlike vaseline’s far too runny one) and sinks in quickly. The best parts of this are the price and the smell, it really is good enough to eat. The only downfall is the packaging but at £2.99 I can forgive it – it does look like a £2.99 sort of packaging.

After looking online for more info on this product I found Vexinthecity has already mentioned this so you can check out her post here Vex

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