Clynol Volume Boost and Volume Verve Shampoo and Conditioner Review

I was sent these products a few weeks ago by Clynol’s PR company to try out – I want to say a big thank you as I was offered my pick of all of the different ranges that the brand has to offer, this makes so much difference as I always have to buy shampoo and conditioners that give volume so it was nice to be able to pick products that are relevant to me.

I recieved the Clynol Verve volumising shampoo and the Clynol Boost Volumising Conditioner. The stockists are available at Clynol’s Website but I know that you can definitely buy them in branches of Graham Webb hairdressers as I have seen them there.

I like the packaging of the shampoo and conditioner as they are simple and looks like a salon product. I sometimes find that with classy plain packaging it looks more like money was spent on the product and ingredients rather than the bottle which is a good thing., and it also looks more unisex this way, although I am hoping that doesn’t tempt the BF to use my shampoo as he uses far too much consiering he has 2 inches of hair.   The only downside to the packaging on both products is their lids, I am way too scared to take these to the gym as the shampoo lid does not fit on super securely and the plastic lid that goes on the conditioner’s spray bottle broke off already so I don’t think these lids are really that secure, I doubt they are going to change the style of the lid just because I said that lol but that’s my opinion and really the only problem overall that I have with these products at all.

According to Clynol’s website this shampoo is targetted at fine and limp hair’ed individuals, and the benefits are that it gently cleanses and strengthens the hair from within and moisturises and gives body to the hair. This is definitely a good volumising shampoo. Combined with the conditioner my hair is noticeably thicker with more volume and bounce, enough for people to actually comment on it which rarely happens especially since nobody I know in real life is particularly (or at all) interested in my hair style.

Texture The shampoo is a thick pale blue gel, i felt confident if i dropped the bottle it wouldn’t leak and it produced a thick and rich lather that rinsed through easily.  This is much thicker than a pantene or elvive shampoo, i would say around double the thickness

Scent Can barely smell it but it smells like a hairdressers salon – I can’t quite pinpoint what that smell is but its very clean scented and comforting as it reminds me of getting a nice blowdry.

I also recieved the matching conditioner which is Clynol Boost Volumising Conditioner. Now as I have mentioned before I have never liked spray conditioners that you leave in, this is just because they never seem to give you enough softness or condition to your hair and just seem to weigh it down and leave your ends dry. I would say I have changed my view about 80% after using this product as it does in no way leave my hair limp or dry.  I wouldn’t say 100% because I get even better results when I use this after using a deep conditioner, so my hair obviously could use that extra bit of condition even though it doesn’t feel dry to the touch.

And here is the proof of the erm pudding to the left is my hair on a normal work day and to the right my hair after using the shampoo and conditioner, it is also a lot more shiny.

In fact I took a closeup as it is super duper shiny, I got lots of compliments Saturday night I was v impressed

Texture of conditioner A thin clear liquid

Scent Exactly the same as the shampoo

You only need to spritz a few times over the whole head for it to condition and produce volume similar to that of Tresemme’s 24 hour volume root spray which is great as you only need 1 product rather than 2.

This is just not quite as conditioning at the ends as a normal conditioner that you apply and wash out, so this is why I would say you should either use this with something like BC Bonacure Coloured ends split end saver, it is like a moisturiser for your split ends.   So in conjunction both products work very well together. I would say that this is certainly more conditioning than other spray on/leave in conditioners that I have used in the past, and while I personally prefer to use an extra serum or conditioner with it as my hair is try and has recently had colour stripper used on it if you had normal or oily hair then you wouldn’t need to.

These products have worked very well together and definitely made my previously limp hair clean, voluminous and shiny and in conjunction with the BC Bonacure split end sealer my hair looks like I have had a salon blow dry. Obviously I think these products would only be suited to thin, fine and limp hair as they really ramp up the volume and give your hair more body, so if you already have thick lush hair then you might look a bit like Don King if you used this..which only really works if you actually are Don King!

RRP for shampoo is £7.29  for 300ml from hairsupermarket

RRP for conditioner £8.25 for 250ml from hairsupermarket

This is definitely one for people who usually have to backcomb and tease to get any volume at the crown. In comparison with a drugstore volumising shampoo and conditioner this puts them totally to shame. Previously I had mentioned using Trevor Sorbie volumising shampoo and at the time I was really impressed by this product but now I like the Clynol so much more that I have already given the TS shampoo to a friend.

The price of the products is only a bit higher than a lot of brands they sell in Boots and you get real noticeable results . At the moment I will still stick to my beloved Redken products for split end treatments and deep conditioning masks but I will be repurchasing Clynol shampoo and conditioner and will certainly give them a go for a deep conditioner when mine has run out.

I am going to the hairdresser next Saturday to get my roots done and a bit more of my fringe cut in so that will be exciting!