Revitalash Review and Eyelash Update

As you may remember last year I bought the much talked about product Lilash to lengthen my lashes – my post about Lilash is here but basically it made my lashes very very long and I was continually asked if they were fake. Application of mascara was so much easier on the top lashes although it did cause some smudging under my eyes.

Last year in November I was sent a tube of Revitalash to consider for review. I had been planning on repurchasing Lilash so I thought, hey why not.  I had been very impressed by the Company who make revitalash (Athena) and it has even had good reviews on GMTV so I was very excited.

You can but Revitalash here at hqhair

Let me just start this by saying if you want to use this type of eyelash growing product then be aware of the potential pitfalls and benefits and make your own mind up. There are a lot of scare stories out there so please make up your own mind. Personally? Well people have plastic surgery on their eyes so I figured a little wand of product wasn’t too risky! This is their website revitalash

I made sure to wait 3 weeks between stopping using Lilash and starting to use Revitalash to make sure I had left sufficient time for any remaining Lilash to wear off (and by that I mean product from my eye, not the effects of Lilash). After the 3 weeks of stopping usage of Lilash my lashes remained the same length and I did not have any dramatic fallout.

I started to use the Revitalash once a day as directed and painted the clear fluid onto my eyelid like liquid liner exactly as I did with the Lilash. You can find their instruction manual online here 

My only thoughts on the extremely similar packaging are that Lilash’s tube is slightly nicer looking, but then it is quite a bit more expensive so that is normally what I would expect. With Revitalash, honestly, I did experience some redness of my eyelid, I use a primer on my lids every day and this covers it up, but it is noticeable without. I did not experience any redness of my actual eyes or any stinging or burning but the redness is a bit of a nuisance – to be fair to them it does state this in on their website that some people have reported this happening. If you are applying this before makeup in the morning I would let it dry for 10-15 minutes as it is quite a watery liquid.

With Revitalash I noticed it was a long time before anything actually started to happen, and by then my lashes which had been ‘lilash-ed’ had started to fall out and be replaced by shorter ones, which then took around 7 weeks to regrow and start getting long again. I did find this a bit odd as I had just assumed it would continue the lengthening that the Lilash treatment had already done and actually improve upon them rather than wait for those to grow out and then start again. So if you have already used Lilash this is a point to note.

Last August Before Any Eyelash Enhancing Products

10 Weeks of Revitalash

After three months usage my lashes are definitely longer and thicker than when I did not use any lash enhancing products, especially the central lashes. I still have not entirely used up my tube and it has been 3 months so it is good value for money.

In comparison with Lilash I will have to say that I prefer Lilash despite the expense, my lashes were longer and my eyelids did not go red which are two good reasons for me to stick with the Lilash.

Personally I think my lashes are long now with Revitalash but my lashes were a bit longer using Lilash, however vs not using any eyelash growth product at all the results are extremely impressive. I have also seen great reviews from both Bubblegarm  Liparazzi – and this product is cheaper than the Lilash product and pretty easy to get hold of, they are even giving it away as a prize at Wahandaat the moment.

Verdict – If you don’t use any lash enhancing products and want longer thicker lashes and want to try something that isn’t as expensive then definitely give this a go. If you have been spoilt by Lilash however you might not get as long lashes with Revitalash.

So I am currently on the lookout for a new lash lengthening product to try, Jan Marini or Maybe L’oreal? Or maybe Talika or Mavala? I am not currently sure so any recommendations or requests let me know.

On another note I saw my lovely friend Jo’s post about Wahanda and went to take a look at the site and I found a couples spa day, featuring two treatments each and use of the spa facilities at Brands Hatch hotel (so not too far from me) for £99!! So you should give this a look if you like spa treatments as that is amazing, its 50% off the retail price. I am still trying to convince Matt that having a spa treatment doesn’t make you a girl, so hopefully we can take up this offer at some point soon.

Have you ever been to a day spa with your partner? What did you think?