Top Tips For Summer Nails By Top Nail Technician Tanya Grach

Today’s guest blogger is the lovely Tanya Grach who is a top nail expert who works in a salon in St John’s Wood in London.  She ranked first in class in manicure and second in class at pedicure at the 2010 awards (you can see here professionalbeauty)and her website is

I am not being sponsored, paid or reimbursed in any way for Tanya’s post, I actually thought it was rather exciting that someone so ‘in the know’ would have time to provide me with her Summer nail tips, I was actually offered the chance to interview her in person myself…but I was a bit shy! 

Over to Tanya.

If you are not one of the lucky few who manage to keep up their regular manicure and pedicure appointments, you will know that the daily wear and tear plays havoc with your nails, add to this the summer sun, mixed with chlorine and sand and you have a nail disaster just waiting to happen!

Thankfully, help is at hand (no pun intended!) with Tanya’s Top Tips for keeping your digits and toes in prime condition all summer long.


• If booking a Chiropodist Pedicure, make sure you book your appointment for a week prior to your holiday, this will give your feet time to recover, making walking on hot sand more bearable!

• Give your cuticles a weekly massage with a cuticle oil, this will keep them hydrated and is excellent for the nail plate

• Give your nails a weekly buff to gently remove any ridges, leaving them healthy, shiny and smooth. This will also help when applying polish

• Where possible apply a sticky base coat, not only will this shield your nail from the polish it will also help the longevity of your varnish

• A French Manicure is always a good choice for the summer as it will go with any outfit making it the most versatile choice

• If you have a summer wedding or special occasion, pick a varnish that is hinted in your outfit, if patterned, or a colour that will compliment the look

• If going for different colours on your fingers and toes, try to choose colours from the same palette, using the lighter shade on your finger tips

• Be sure not to apply too much polish as it will take longer to dry (especially in the heat) and is more prone to chipping and peeling away

• Always apply a non-yellowing Top Coat, this will help with colour fade and changes to the varnish you have chosen – a real must in the heat!

• When removing varnish, use a cotton pad soaked in non-acetone remover, hold over the nail for a few seconds then gently wipe off


The best way to maintain healthy nails is to have regular manicures and pedicures as these will greatly increase nail growth whilst keeping them shiny and smooth.

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